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MrB's birthday boating bash 

It’s never easy trying to think of something to do for that special someone’s birthday but fortunately for us having Pod makes it a little easier and the answer is usually a few days away in our bubble but doing it in secret would bring a few challenges. 3,429 more words


Coastal Walks and St.Oswald's Way

Off again on our travels, Pod has so changed our days off, she’s a blessing and when we get where we’re going once she’s set up, chairs out, and kettle on, it’s a deep intake of breath and relax. 3,238 more words


Corbett conquering and Woodland wandering 

Thursday morning arrived and we woke to glorious sunshine at Bunree Caravan Club site it looked like a beautiful day lay ahead, the loch was so still, reflecting the hills around it like a mirror and canoeists were already out on the water, pity it couldn’t be us because after breakfast we would be packing up and moving off to Braemar. 2,985 more words


Caravan for Sale: Comfortable Trip with Your Family

Caravans have become the trendiest means of transport while travelling longer distances. Most people think to buy or sell the caravan but are unaware about the right process that they need to follow. 569 more words


Things no one tells you about being on the road...

It’s a little bit like giving birth….people tend to focus on the final outcome rather than give a blow by blow account of the pain that can be involved before you get the reward…I’ve pondered why and my theory is that no one wants to burst your bubble or admit that the dream vs reality isn’t always amazing. 1,106 more words


What to do when it rains....

The last thing I’d ever do is wish the rain away, especially when drought has caused so much hardship across Australia in recent years. However when the heavens open and four of you live in essentially one room it can get pretty “cosy”. 729 more words


Coniston Water in a Kayak

We love our walking and many of our little jaunts have taken us round some beautiful UK coastal waters and lakes. On a couple of these walks our eyes have looked longingly at those cruising along, whether they be in small power boats churning their way through the water or canoes, motored by those with the muscle power capable of gliding over the surface without any effort at all. 1,910 more words