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Christmas Treats and Itchy Wheels

December arrived and we had itchy wheels again. Work and sorting Christmas festivities usually meant we wouldn’t be going anywhere but with a little tweaking we managed to rearrange a shopping expedition for a Podding one. 1,107 more words


Pop Top Thermal Wrap 

Spending all year round using Pod we have noticed that a pop up roof does have its draw backs being material.

We had toyed with a number of design ideas over the past 18 months but took the lead from existing motorhome designs. 226 more words


Studs, Poppers and an Epiphany 

We’ve had Pod now for a year and a half and boy we’ve had some fun in her and enjoyed coming up with ideas to improve our experiences, from designing our bed slats, our chopping board and modified the 12V system to meet our needs to name a few, but no matter where the location the weather has always been the testing and changeable factor, certainly made some trips very interesting. 830 more words


MrB's birthday boating bash 

It’s never easy trying to think of something to do for that special someone’s birthday but fortunately for us having Pod makes it a little easier and the answer is usually a few days away in our bubble but doing it in secret would bring a few challenges. 3,429 more words


Coastal Walks and St.Oswald's Way

Off again on our travels, Pod has so changed our days off, she’s a blessing and when we get where we’re going once she’s set up, chairs out, and kettle on, it’s a deep intake of breath and relax. 3,238 more words