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6 Weeks Out and Carb Cycling

Hi everyone,

So we are about 6 weeks out from our first competition. I cant lie, It’s hard. Some days I struggle more than others. It’s a mental struggle. 458 more words


The Easy Weigh Out – A Rational Approach to Healthy Living

I don’t drink, I’ve never done drugs and I don’t smoke. Pretty healthy person, yeah? Well…yes and no.

We all have our weaknesses and mine is food. 2,057 more words


Road to Body Fitness Bodybuilding Competition 2015

Competing in bodybuilding is not easy, it’s even harder when you are in a country where food is expensive, supplements are expensive and a good gym is expensive. 504 more words



Four days. That’s as long as I lasted with carb cycling. I was exhausted and starving, my mood vacillated between angry and depressed, and my milk supply plummeted so low I resulted to my freezer stash to keep Ella happy. 309 more words


Carb Cycling 101: One way to slice your cake

Disclaimer: There are many schools of thought carb cycling. There are also many methods to doing it.  I am showing my lifestyle clients one way to create flexibility in their day to day! 630 more words

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Progress Pictures Sunday

It has been a week since my last progress pictures. Once again, the lighting is terrible, but it’s the same lighting as last week.

I can see a difference, even if it’s minor. 124 more words


Ikan Air Masin

Sebenarnya projek membela ikan air masin ni dah pun aku mulakan 3 bulan lepas, dengan kehadiran 2 ekor nemo ataupun clownfish dan seekor ikan biru kekuningan bernama damsel. 103 more words

Akuarium Air Masin