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Low Carb Day? - The Why & Tricks of the Trade

The Why

At first the thought of a lower carb diet was somewhat scary for me. Initially, I was nervous I wouldn’t have the energy needed during the day. 464 more words


I went mad and did a cycle and it wasn't on a bike

And in the process, am teaching myself to be happy. Let me explain.

Diets. We’ve all tried a few. One time I did the cabbage soup diet and it was seriously the most disgusting thing I’ve ever inflicted on myself and everyone around me. 916 more words


I'm Doing Everything Wrong This Time. #ThePeakWeek

How am i already at another peak week?? Seems like yesterday this was Philly’s marathon peak last November. I can full heartedly say as much as i love running, i did not care for this training cycle. 1,003 more words

Cycling - On Carbs & On a Bike

“Everyone longs to hear those three special words – I have food”

Tis the season for love, hearts, flowers, and all that crap. I’ve never been a Valentines Day lover or hater – but let’s just say, any holiday that encourages the giving and eating of chocolates is good in my book. 578 more words

Life Outside Of Running

Carb Cycling Day 5

Well today was totally not a good day for me. I struggled a lot I felt hungry and sluggish only finding myself binge eating twice. So I went way over on my carbs and not enough protein… The rec today was also packed so I was left to go to the track.  168 more words

Carb Cycling

Carb Cycling day 3

Today is my cheat day!!!! Even though I am going to indulge in something delicious and fattening I am still going to try and stay as close as possible to my set macros. 260 more words

Carb Cycling

Carb Cycling day 2

today was my low carb day. I feel a little drained of energy, but today was a rest day for me so it’s okay. All I have basically done for the day is catch up on some homework, and eat. 212 more words

Carb Cycling