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Diet: a confusing four letter word

Diet. This confusing 4-letter word causes big headaches for most people looking for a way to lose weight for good. Everyone wants to know the secret.   289 more words




Let’s discuss CARB CYCLING today asTime is a flat circle. Things come and go in cycles. Notions and ideas fade as resurface time and time again in an infinite loop. 2,332 more words

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Carb Cycling & Youtubing

I have tried a few different ‘lifestyles’ in the past year or so (I hate the word diet as it seems so temporary and I intend to keep these going..even if it doesn’t end up that way) I have been sugar free, Paleo, eat what you want and listen to your body and now I’m trying carb cycling, if you guys keep up to date with my posts regularly you must be thinking..what next? 499 more words

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Low carb, high carb, why carbs!?

The leaves are changing hear in the suburbs of Chicago and the days are getting shorter. You know what that means? The holiday weight gain is around the corner! 537 more words

No Carb Spanish Chicken Salad

I’m calling this Spanish Chicken because of the paprika, which gives the chicken a lovely Spanish flavour, but there are also raisins and pine nuts in this, which are possibly a little more North African than Spanish, but then the title becomes very long winded! 227 more words


Tuna Avocado 

I’m not sure this really needs a recipe as it is so easy to make and although I do think my tuna is the best, I suspect many people think the same about their tuna!   255 more words


Carb Cycling - What's it all about then?

By Helen Turrell, Bodyhappy, Personal Trainer based in South West London on 13/10/2016

The most important thing to consider when you change your eating patterns and exercise regime is that it fits around your lifestyle. 568 more words