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Week 2 Update

Well my week 2 update isn’t good, I gained 1.2 pounds from last week.  I exercised 3 times this week, cardio & strength training.  I had a few slip ups but nothing to deserve this gain.   172 more words

Carb Cycling

Week 2 Meal Plan

This is my Week 2 meal plan for the week.

Today I did a 45 min Spin class and 45 min weight training, according to my fitbit I burned 485 calories for this workout.   Woohoo!!

Carb Cycling

Phase 1 Complete.. and PIZZA!

Well I have completed Phase 1 of the Jamie Eason 12 week LiveFit Trainer! 

Here are my results to date.. note I was skeptical of posting this for the entire world to see but I have decided that putting it all out there holds me accountable! 314 more words

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Week 1 Update

Hello my Sunshines,

Hope you’ve had a wonderful day.  My week #1 on Extreme Transformation carb cycling, has come & gone with a few bumps in the road.   120 more words

Carb Cycling

Accelerated Fat Loss

There is a saying “Summer bodies are built in the winter”.  For me that’s too long, let’s try to make summer bodies in the spring. 2,467 more words


Raspberry Almond Oatmeal

This was my first time trying this and it was delicious.  I’m definitely going to be making this often.  I’m thinking of adding this to my Sunday meal prep so it’ll be for a quick breakfast. 128 more words

Carb Cycling

Type 1 diabetic on a keto diet

I wanted to try the keto diet because it’s supposed to burn fat fast. The ketogenic diet is a short-term, carb-cycling, fat-loss program, but it’s extreme and can be dangerous. 890 more words