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Tuesday 4/18 - High Carb Day

Today I got through meals 1-4 of Carb Cycling Day 2, eating broccoli for meal 4. I did zero working out but I did pay my taxes. Booooo.

Carb Cycling


Just three weeks out now and I keep chugging along almost on autopilot at this point. I’m starting to fantasize about post competition meals and while at BevMo this weekend I picked up some bottles of both Rosé AND Sauvignon Blanc, because it was the 5 cent wine sale which simple cannot be beat, and in three weeks, I can DRINK AGAIN! 994 more words

Bikini Competition

Carb Cycling Day 5 : No Carb

This is where things may get tricky. I’ll have to see how my milk supply does with these two no carb days and modify from there. 41 more words


Carb Cycling Day 6 : No Carbs

One last day of no carbs and then back to sweet, glorious oatmeal and sweet potatoes.