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I lost 25 lbs. in less than 60 days. You can, too.

My secret? Carb-cycling, mixed in with some exercise, and it was almost pain free.

What is carb-cycling?

Carb-cycling is the process of switching low carb days with normal eating days for maximum weight loss. 565 more words

Carbs for building muscle

Carbs to build muscle?

Carbs bad for you?

The science behind carbs explained in this video.

For the longest time, carbs have such a bad rep that even now, all people who want to lose weight are advised to give up carbs. 186 more words


Blood Sugar and Weight Management Hacks

There are two very powerful, yet simple and easy to use “hacks” anyone can use to reduce blood sugar spikes, get excess sugar out of the blood and help with weight loss. 661 more words


Carb Cycling - Beginner's Guide

Carb cycling involves days of eating a range of high carbohydrate foods, days of moderate carbohydrate intake and often days of low or no carbohydrate intake. 611 more words


Make carbs work for you

Carbs are bad for you right? What if it is not about good or bad, but rather, how are they being used in your body? Let’s ponder on this idea and make carbs work for you. 500 more words