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Sofacy Recycles Carberp and Metasploit Code

1. Introduction

The Sofacy Group (also known as Pawn Storm or APT28) is well known for deploying zero-day exploits in their APT campaigns. For example, two recent zero-days used by the Sofacy Group were exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office… 1,579 more words

Zberp - is there anything to fear?

We see a lot of new malware names on a daily basis. Some are brand new and unique, and others are spin-off variants of well known malware. 24 more words

Gotham Security Daily Threat Alerts

June 25, Help Net Security – (International) Researchers reveal tricks for Cutwail’s endurance. Researchers at Trend Micro released an analysis of the Cutwail/Pushdo botnet, including how it disguises communication and its command and control (C&C) architecture. 124 more words


Ukrainian and Russian police arrest banking Trojan masterminds

Kommersant, a Ukrainian news site, reported last week on the arrest of 20 people for stealing more than $250 million through online banking fraud over the last five years. 328 more words


RSA’s December Online Fraud Report 2012 including an excellent piece on Ransomware

RSA’s December Online Fraud Report delivers the results from RSA’s fraud monitoring centre, a summary of their report is below. 

Ransomware is a type of Trojan/malware that can lock files on an infected machine and restrict access to the computer unless the user pays a “ransom” for the restrictions to be removed… 1,258 more words

Brian Pennington

Cyber Crooks Never Cease To Amaze…

The Trend Micro Trendlabs Second Quarter Security Roundup reports that one of the active Internet malware plaguing computers right now is a trojan called IXESHE… 373 more words