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HK 416 Assault Rifle

HK416 হচ্ছে জার্মানির Heckler & Koch কোম্পানির তৈরি একটি এসল্ট রাইফেল। এই রাইফেলটি মূলত ইউএস এর স্পেশাল ডেল্টা ফোর্সের জন্য তৈরি করা হয়।

রাইফেলটি হচ্ছে এম ফোর কারবাইন (M4 Carbine) এর উন্নত ভার্সন, যেটি আগে ইউএস মিলিটারি ব্যাপকভাবে ইউস করতো। 18 more words


For crying out loud!!!

OK, I am really frustrated today…I mean really frustrated. On another website a person asked, “Which is better for overall protection–AR-15 in .223 or AR-10 in .308?” It was game on! 2,832 more words

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Dead Harts

Dead Harts, Carbine, Far From Home, and Sworn to Oath @ Mulberry Tavern in Sheffield, England

Photography by: Flavio Gasperini


Battle-Sight Zero

Well good day everyone, today we’ll discuss how to battle-sight zero your M16 or M4 carbine rifles. In order for the rifleman to develop skills that enable them to become combat effective. 1,612 more words


Hey gun buddies, I’ve been holding on this article because it’s going to be quite lengthy, but I gotta be me.  The special purpose reconnaissance rifle (SPRECCE) is the culmination of 20+ years of experience with firearms.   347 more words


TIP: Slip 2000 EWL

I have always wanted to have the best gear and products for my weapons. Why? Because my family’s lives may depend on that weapon one day and I want it to function flawlessly. 542 more words

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So THAT’S Why People Buy Those Jogging Strollers or: My Experiences At a Multi-Gun Match

As noted in my 2016 Training Goals article here, I have had some interest in entering the competitive shooting world, most likely IDPA.  My primary motivation for doing so is not because I want to win or even believe I would excel in any way.  1,196 more words

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