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Croatia, My Love

I’m more than a little in love with Simona. For the last couple of mornings, she’s made me white coffee and stuffed me full until I’m nearly bursting. 210 more words


8 things all carboholics know to be true

It’s never been a secret that eating healthy is important. But health isn’t just a medical requirement anymore, it’s a multi-million trend that’s taking the world by storm. 387 more words

How to end carb cravings

I don’t think there’s a woman on the planet that I’ve consulted with (or many men for that matter) that has not suffered under the intense power of carb cravings. 702 more words

Holistic Health

Granola So Simple My Six-Year-Old Can Make It

My kids love bread, and I don’t blame them. That said, I hassle my son almost daily about how much bread he eats, and how few veggies pass through his carboholic lips. 406 more words