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MPs call for decarbonisation of electricity and heating

A committee of MPs has suggested the government policy of increased use of gas fired power stations will make it hard for the UK to meet carbon reduction targets by 2030. 627 more words


#Awalkinthepark  - fantasy technologies, fantasy policies and polar bears #wearetoast

So, over the last two days, even with The Wife about, I have somehow contrived to read nine journal articles about policy theory, policy implementation etc.  2,141 more words


"Treating Soil A Little Differently Could Help It Store A Huge Amount Of Carbon"


Climate change is a massive problem with the potential to completely reshape the world, both literally (with rising sea levels and melting glaciers) and figuratively (with the way we… 91 more words


Energy models rebounding

In order to be able to plan for the energy system of the future it is necessary to model how that system may look. A good model needs to incorporate how people may use electricity and heat, as well as how electricity and heat are being generated. 515 more words


The transition to a greener economy is irreversible

 Lisa Nandy, MP, Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary

In the latest in our Green Business 2022, Labour’s Lisa Nandy argues the roll out of clean tech will continue in the UK, but the government could make it a whole lot easier… 733 more words


Carbon Capture: ‘Only Realistic and Affordable Way to Dramatically Reduce Emissions’

Governments may no longer be investing in the capture of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But a new study says that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. 39 more words

Interview with Professor Kevin Anderson - part 1

I enjoyed watching this video interview with Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Research in Manchester (Thanks to Manchester Climate Monthly). It’s about the recent Paris climate talks. 105 more words

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