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April 16th, 2008- CFMEU, WWF, ACA, TCI, CCS?! (Carbon Capture and Storage campaign)

On April 16th 7 looooong years ago, at the peak of fervour around Carbon Capture and Storage (if  you don’t know about it, don’t find out – ignorance is bliss), four unlikely bedfellows got together in Australia. 64 more words


Divestment 2.0 - what comes next?

Divestment (and the threat of divestment) has a long history as a strategy for shareholders to effect change in a company’s behavior. Previous campaigns include divesting from: Apartheid in South Africa, violence in Sudan, tobacco products and advertising, sweatshop labor, and the use of landmines. 1,012 more words

Falling Out of the “Clean Coal” Trap

Every time I hear the word “clean coal” I cringe. As the most destructive and polluting source of energy in the world, “clean coal” is the dictionary definition of an oxymoron. 629 more words


Chipmunks and Carbon Storage

Sometimes the best positive stories of the environment come from our own backyard. When you sum up the effects of millions of backyard naturalists, the positive impact is significant for the planet. 589 more words

Environmental Journalism

FutureGen 2.0 Funding Pulled

The FutureGen 2.0 carbon capture and storage demonstration project in the United States looks as though it is abou to fall by the wayside. The US government just pulled $1 Billion in funding.  9 more words


Prentice touts joint energy and environmental policies with U.S.|video

WASHINGTON — Alberta may be public enemy No. 1 in the eyes of some environmentalists, but Premier Jim Prentice says he could see the province’s model of regulating the energy industry being applied across North America. 845 more words

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"Scientists Seeking to Save World Find Best Technology Is Trees"


Oxford University scientists, after a year of research, have determined the best technology to suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and try to reverse global warming.

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