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Shale gas is an energy security issue – climate change minister

The climate change minister, Nick Hurd, said the UK owed it to future generations to find out whether it could produce shale gas. 484 more words


U.S. Energy Dept. offers $2B loan for carbon capture project similar to Sask. project

The U.S. Energy Department said Wednesday it is offering a conditional, US$2-billion loan guarantee for a carbon capture project at a planned Louisiana methanol plant. 407 more words


Building Resilience into Complex Systems

When a person is single they make their own decisions and any consequences are self-contained. In a relationship, the needs and desires of a second person must be taken into consideration. 805 more words

Climate Change

5 Technological Advances That Promise to Revolutionize The Energy Industry

Recent innovations have brought what to many are the least “liked” energy resources – coal and nuclear energy – to the forefront. From one writer’s idea that Donald Trump may be inadvertently promoting climate change fixes to new ways that nuclear fuel can be utilized (and ultimately cleaned up) – we take a look at five recent discoveries, designs and ideas that have potential for revolutionizing the energy industry. 1,005 more words


Graham Thomson: No amount of scrubbing will produce Donald Trump's 'clean coal'

It seems so many of us had underestimated Donald Trump, for all kinds of reasons.

Most notably, of course, he won the U.S. presidential election. 653 more words


Canadian government announces a phase-out of "traditional" coal-fired electricity by 2030

On November 21, the federal Environment Minister announced  that the four remaining provinces with coal-fired electricity  (Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia) must  speed up the their emissions reduction targets. 548 more words

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Brad Wall criticizes Ottawa's plan to phase out coal-fired electricity

Premier Brad Wall is speaking out against the Liberal government for not working with the provinces after the feds announced a plan to phase out the use of coal-fired electricity by 2030. 353 more words