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EPA Busted for Ideology

By James Sawhill – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

The EPA’s attempt to harness new coal-fired power plant constructions has been exposed as ideological rather than legal. The EPA further ignored the Department of Energy’s (DOE) earlier conclusion that carbon capture and storage (CCS) has not been “adequately demonstrated.” 408 more words

Climate Change

Calgary inventors create device to trap greenhouse gases from home furnaces

Three Calgary-area entrepreneurs say they’ve invented a device that will trap greenhouse gas emissions produced by home furnaces, bringing the battle against global warming to the suburbs. 757 more words


Remington Steele and Carbon Capture and Storage. No, honestly.

There was an episode of the 80s guilty-pleasure private eye show “Remington Steele” (starring Pierce Brosnan avant la 007) that has something to say about… 395 more words


Carbon Capture and Storage

Here’s a webinar that readers may want to check out:  Fossil Fuels Without the CO2: Can Carbon Capture and Storage Deliver?

My take, albeit an oversimplification of a very complex issue:  Obviously it can “deliver” in some sense of the word if we invest enough money into it.  81 more words

Fossil Fuels

April 16th, 2008- CFMEU, WWF, ACA, TCI, CCS?! (Carbon Capture and Storage campaign)

On April 16th 7 looooong years ago, at the peak of fervour around Carbon Capture and Storage (if  you don’t know about it, don’t find out – ignorance is bliss), four unlikely bedfellows got together in Australia. 64 more words


Divestment 2.0 - what comes next?

Divestment (and the threat of divestment) has a long history as a strategy for shareholders to effect change in a company’s behavior. Previous campaigns include divesting from: Apartheid in South Africa, violence in Sudan, tobacco products and advertising, sweatshop labor, and the use of landmines. 1,012 more words

Falling Out of the “Clean Coal” Trap

Every time I hear the word “clean coal” I cringe. As the most destructive and polluting source of energy in the world, “clean coal” is the dictionary definition of an oxymoron. 629 more words