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San Francisco Becomes The First City to Ban Sale of Plastic Bottles | Global Flare

I am so pleased to read this! How soon will other cities follow? How we as citizens support this? What can you do in your local community? 20 more words


Why you should love fossil fuels

On Earth Day and at different times of the year we hear from environmentalists how bad humanity’s economic development is for the health of the planet. 36 more words

The Tiny Homes Movement

All across the country people are getting on board with the tiny homes movement. Downsizing from the average 2600 sq. foot American home, to homes measuring up around 100-400 sq. 256 more words


Eco-fascists strike

One unfortunate event that occurred this past Friday is the demise of Canada’s Sun News Network. The news organization earned an unfair reputation as… 77 more words

Now graduation ceremonies harm the environment

Oregon’s Statesman Journal describes a new program undertaken by Oregon’s Green Schools that are based on the idea that graduation ceremonies harm the environment. The estimated 30,000 graduating students in state high schools will require caps, gowns and tassels, respectfully. 182 more words

Steps Citizens can take to Reduce Carbon Foot Print

Here are a some of steps citizens can take to Reduce Carbon Foot Print:

  • 1.      Tree Plantation – Trees play a very crucial role in maintaining the CO2 / Oxygen balance in the nature.
  • 320 more words
Carbon Foot Print

2014: watershed moments in sustainability | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

2014 is a year with some important progress highlights towards a sustainable world, including the now public secretly negotiated US-China 2025 CO2 emissions reduction deal, and more. 38 more words

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