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Global Warming: Can Paris Climate Summit Limit Temperature Rise to 2 Degree Scenario (2DS)?

Planet’s Climate is Already Threatening Humanity

Year 2014 has been the hottest year recorded in human history and 2015 is going to be hotter! And it is only 0.85 degree warming over the pre-industrialization era!! 1,412 more words

2 Degree Scenario

Costa Rica is now running completely on renewable energy

Have you heard the news? Costa Rica has managed to shift to 100% renewable energy! And they are not alone – more and more countries are following suit, and I hope you are part of a community and a country that is also moving in this direction. 72 more words


PETA has a beef with Tesla Motors

Despite its pitch as an eco-friendly company, I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone was to find a chink in Tesla Motors’ armor. 242 more words


Now having pets contributes to climate change

This just in from ChannelNews Asia. An article points out pets have a surprisingly large carbon footprint that contributes to (you guessed it) global climate change. 538 more words


Solar panels at Apple Mesa, Arizona plant catch fire

The Daily Caller reports solar panels on Apple’s Mesa, Arizona plant caught fire on Tuesday. Citing a report by Arizona’s ABC 15 News, the solar panels that caught fire were located on the top of the building’s loading dock. 145 more words

San Francisco Becomes The First City to Ban Sale of Plastic Bottles | Global Flare

I am so pleased to read this! How soon will other cities follow? How we as citizens support this? What can you do in your local community? 20 more words


Why you should love fossil fuels

On Earth Day and at different times of the year we hear from environmentalists how bad humanity’s economic development is for the health of the planet. 36 more words