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The great spare parts drought

Rule 3 of the Norwegian environmental code is to “Fix Everything, Always.” I have been trying to fix as much as possible of my things where possible before considering replacing them. 822 more words

Carbon Footprint

The Oslo-Trondheim example of rail vs plane

Norway has long been the European country with the most domestic flights. This is not so strange when one considers how geographically isolated it is, it’s length, difficult topography, distributed population and wealth. 1,433 more words

Carbon Footprint

When will we reach peak stuff?

It is a pretty legitimate question in this day and age. The Earth is under unprecedented stresses from its human population. Earth Overshoot Day in 2017 was on August 2nd (the day each year we use up the annual output of renewable resources produced by the planet). 799 more words

Carbon Footprint