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Underwater Cable brings Nuclear Power from France to UK

by Cybele Kappos

As an energy crisis looms in the horizon of UK energy, the nation prepares for alternative energy sources. The BBC’s Jane-Frances Kelly talks about the plan to build an interconnector, which is a large cable connecting Hampshire to the French coast. 332 more words

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Wrapping up 2016's new year's resolution to buy less

I made a new year’s resolution in January last year to buy no more than one new thing a month (or 12 things in the year). 1,145 more words

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Energy saving opportunities everywhere

My apartment (with two bedrooms and two people) has an estimated electricity consumption (according to my utility provider) of 5000 kWh/year.

The building I work in has two stairwells each going from the basement to the 14th floor. 399 more words

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My slow travel in 2016 (by train)

By the end of this year I will have taken 10 ‘long’ train trips. I have defined long trips to be those that are possible to fly with non-charter aircraft (often not so long). 265 more words

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The 7 'rules' of the Norwegian Environment Code

In 1952, the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) and the Norwegian Red Cross developed two brochures that became the start of the Norwegian Mountain Code (or… 225 more words

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My life's long distance travel in one graph

During my adult life I have been a frequent flyer. After finishing high school, I moved to a city nearly 4 hours flight away to start university. 732 more words

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'If the lights are left on in the bathroom you know a Norwegian was the last person to use it'

I was having a conversation with a few colleagues of mine some months back about how the lights are ALWAYS left on in the toilets at work when unoccupied. 541 more words

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