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The Economics of Bicycling

In December, the newest member of our family — the Metrofiets cargo bike — arrived. Since moving to Sarasota, Bethany has consistently relied on her dutch-style Linus bicycle to fly around town and run errands as we share a car.But with the arrival of the… 603 more words


For those who don’t know, upcycling is the process of transforming old materials into something creative, unique and often useful. It’s an awesome way to reuse materials and reduce our carbon footprint. 406 more words



For the past three or four years I’ve convinced my family to turn off the lights for Earth Hour and tonight’s the night! Tonight at 8:30 wherever you are, you have the power to be something bigger and raise awareness for climate change. 45 more words

The Passive House // Grant Gulla

It was less than a decade ago that a building design philosophy from Germany called “passive house” took root in Brooklyn. Now with many homes and smaller projects built, passive buildings seem to be ready to enter NYC’s housing market in a larger way. 124 more words

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Public Transport to Save the Planet: Get on the Bus!

Perhaps many of us have a love-hate relationship with public transportation? Waiting for buses and delayed train schedules can certainly be frustrating, but choosing public transport whenever possible is a great step to take for the planet and your bank account. 493 more words

Climate Change

Carbon Footprint - Our individual contributions.

One of the main approaches to ethical living is reducing an individual direct impact on the environment, we commonly refer to this impact as Carbon Footprint. 610 more words


The carbon footprint of silicon solar panels

Putting up huge numbers of solar panels every day could help address the world’s energy crisis. ‘If you want to solve big problems, then the scale of whatever you are doing is also likely to be big, and so is any waste you generate,’ explains  709 more words

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