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The beauty of renewable energy

On a recent walk in the countryside, I unexpectedly passed a small solar farm after walking through a village and along a river. Its presence somewhat struck me because of its proximity to a village and the obvious visual impact. 396 more words

Carbon Footprint

Walkable Cities

By: Alex Faull

What are walkable cities?

Walkable cities, simply put, are cities that are appealing to walk through. This appeal can come from a number of different factors, from density of buildings such as workplaces to safety. 317 more words

Marine Permaculture

Written by: Matthew Davis

Over the recent years in our society, the topic of climate change has been identified as one of the biggest threats facing our society. 375 more words

WildernessPunk: The Use of Juice

A few weeks ago, I reviewed six of the easier techniques we can use to save money, strengthen our economy, and help preserve the environment. The third of these techniques which helps minimize our… 791 more words

Alex Bone

Tech Companies Preaching Sustainability Are Actually Making Carbon Footprints Worse

Tech companies with a mission to create small carbon footprints might be doing the opposite, according to a new study published in the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research… 202 more words


Local Produce

I, like most people buy my food from supermarkets, it’s quick, it’s easy and it’s cheap. But it’s forcing local businesses out of work and hick up their prices. 282 more words

Why the agricultural industry is not sustainable

First something quick for all German readers. In terms of safety, air pollution, emissions, etc. the non-existing speed limit on some of Germany’s motorways has some even more negative consequences than using a car in general. 402 more words