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How to Eat Green

During your next grocery run, consider the following when picking out your food:

  1. If there is a Farmer’s Market near you, support your local farmers and go get some fresh veggies!
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Warehouse Town

What has begun this earth could be its demise.

Creativity has lost its direction.

The meek forgotten and no rain in hand.

The thirsty reign. 103 more words


Ideas to reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint

Lagom is the new Scandi trend sweeping the UK, giving hygge a run for its money. It’s centred on moderation; living life a little more frugally; and planning for the future. 507 more words

The Ambitionist Lifestyle

5 Foods to Give the Hoof

As we welcome in a new year this January, many of us make resolutions involving eating a healthier diet, but have you ever considered what impact the food you eat has on the environment? 541 more words

CoClear is helping companies measure and track their Carbon Footprint - AWNY Startup Stories

Sally Paridis came to NYC in 1993 with her husband Steve. She has a background in law and philanthropy. While completing her Masters in Science and Sustainability Management at New York’s Columbia University, Sally developed the idea for her company CoClear. 1,157 more words

Living In New York

Greenpeace says binge-watching all those TV shows is bad for the environment

Binge-watching could be wrecking your carbon footprint.

Streaming-video services like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video store their high-quality content on servers around the world and then deliver that data to customers’ devices. 501 more words

How many trees does it take to compensate the carbon footprint of one person?

People are wondering how many trees it takes to compensate the carbon emissions of one person. It’s a frequently asked question. The answer depends from person to person. 166 more words