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Go Green

Go Green

Luckily today it is relatively straight forward for the average person and family who desire to live a more sustainable way of life to go green. 500 more words

Carbon Footprint

Energy Saving – Harnessing the power of the sun

Solar panels are probably the best known and most recognisable renewable energy source available to homeowners. In April 2016, for the first time ever, ‘the sun provided more UK electricity from photovoltaic panels than heavily polluting coal-fired plants over a full 24-hour period’ (The Guardian), proving that the move from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources is most definitely underway. 131 more words

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The enabling society

Some colleges are considering quiet rooms so the children can rest, meditate or play with their phones without being bothered or upset. Horseshit I say, you mamby-pamby snot nosed weaklings better get with the program because its a dog eat dog world out there, survival of the fittest and you are going to be roadkill if you don’t butch up. 323 more words

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Why I Don’t Do Christmas

‘Tis the season for irrational spending.

Over the next several weeks, televisions, magazines, and websites will offer us countless suggestions of how to display our love to our friends and family this holiday season by spending money on useless bits n’ pieces. 663 more words


Ditching Dangerous Plastics

Does this picture of a delicious hamburger get your attention? I made this for my family not knowing that many of its components were in all probability contaminated with PBA, PBS, phthalates, and ADA, a food grade plastic used as a dough softener, all known toxins to humans and animals. 555 more words

Carbon Footprint

For the Mall Averse; Alternative Christmas Shopping Ideas

It isn’t just the crowds and the fluorescent lighting and the endless racks and piles of goods.  It’s the loudness of breathless materialism writ in bits:  Buy One Get One 40% off!   798 more words



The question of “What is sustainability?” is quite often asked and in the general usage of the term it is normally referred to as to what are the ways that we may improve our life on earth whilst harmonising with rather than against nature and our natural environment. 498 more words

Carbon Footprint