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To “go green” is to completely rely on natural resources (other than fossil fuels) such as wind energy, solar energy, and hydro-energy for power. The advantage of using these methods is that the energy emitted is eco-friendly and renewable. 404 more words

okja - a review

Recently I’ve been interested in the culture of Korea. The beginning of this cultural dabbling saw me read a few non-fiction biographies on North Koreans escaping a harsh regime, and the mental and physical journeys they took as a result. 450 more words



Architects love sharp lines and modern design. They like crisp edges and clean slates. However, their admiration for geometric –esque buildings doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate the softer, more lively things. 600 more words

Restaurant review: Tibits

King of the veggie/ vegan buffet

Tibits, 12-14 Heddon Street, London W1B 4DA (0207 758 4112). Two-course meal for two, including drinks: £46

★★★★☆ 454 more words

Carbon Footprint

How Data Centers are Using Renewable Energy to Lessen their Carbon Footprint

Data storage is big business in today’s world. In fact, there’s a good chance all your photos, videos, documents and files are stored somewhere in the cloud. 645 more words

Green Living News

The pure satisfaction of a good days work..

We had a great weekend of work at the farm this weekend. We were able to get about an acre completely cleared. The surprising thing is that we came up with an easier and cheaper method. 543 more words


Chasing Coral

Our interest in becoming more environmentally conscious mostly began after watching the documentary Chasing Coral.

We were both very moved and shocked by what we learned about coral bleaching happening in our oceans. 417 more words

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