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Ideas like this really can change the world

People are always looking for new ideas that are “innovative”, “out-of-the-box”, “world-changing”, but those ideas don’t come along everyday.  When they do though, they seem so obvious and uncomplicated that there’s no reason we all shouldn’t have thought of it, and thought of it a long time ago. 277 more words

Reducing Poverty

The green side of cruises

How can someone have fun on something that creates so much pollution? Cruiselines have negative connotations in terms of their carbon footprint. However, don’t believe everything that you hear. 153 more words


Monday Moaning

We are hearing all the time about meetings, conferences and the like about global warming.

There are billions pledged; the latest $9.3bn, to fight the problem. 118 more words

Monday Moaning

Downloading Games Is Worse For The Environment Than Buying Physical Discs

Mother Nature likes a physical copy. 

Video game publishers would really like if you (legally) downloaded all your games from here on out, mainly because it saves them the cost of manufacturing physical discs and plastic boxes. 234 more words