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Action 141. Tour de carbon offsets.

Bonjour tout le monde! We just returned  from a MAJOR bucket list item for our family- seeing the Tour de France in person!! Our family loves to bike ride, but even more we love to watch those unbelievable cyclists in the tour go up and down mountains and achieve wattages that are otherwise only seen at power plants. 553 more words

Write a Story & Plant a Tree with Magic Oxygen

The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize is open for entries! This is an international writing competition for short stories and poetry and is the only one to plant a tree for every entry received. 268 more words


Travel points & Carbon Offset

Today, the kids went to a good old fashion science fair.  One thing that certainly draws more blank stares when trying to answer the kids questions on where babies come from was a question on carbon offsetting.  149 more words

Day Two: Carbon Offset Talk and Medicinal Herb Garden


“Today we spent some time learning about ways that carbon is sequestered, as well as how many trees you would need to plant in order to offset the carbon released on the flight here. 109 more words


Carbon Credits Explained


A Carbon Credit is created when the equivalent of one metric ton of carbon dioxide is prevented from entering the atmosphere. 471 more words

Royce Monteverdi

Week 4/5 Play and Reflect - How to unfuck the planet.

Hi Everyone,

Here is how this is going to work. I’ll introduce and explain the app I had a play with and then I’m going to embed my reflect video down the bottom. 515 more words