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Carbon-dioxide Storage in Geological Media

Each day more CO2 is discharged into atmosphere and the projections do not refer to the considerable decreases for the emissions in the near future, as the fossil fuel have been expected to remain the main energy resource for its approximately 150 years of life even by the more conservative estimations. 175 more words

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Energiewende: The German energy transition explained.

Talking German, the cars and the machines that come out of Germany are not the only remarkable things I have a high regard for, recently I have become acquainted with other exceptional things that Germany produces. 723 more words

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Useful Carbon Offsets Links and Discussions

Hello guys, In this Post I have, as you can guess from the title, listed out some of the useful links and websites that specifically focuses on carbon offsets. 290 more words

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Is carbon trade/market Justifiable? (Part 2)

So this is my second post of the series ‘Is carbon Trade/market Justifiable’. To read part 1 please Click Here.

List of useful links exclusively for the carbon offset is… 1,021 more words

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What will it cost to power your house with solar in Nigeria? Find out here. 

This post was triggered by an earlier post, where I was asked about the affordability of solar panels in Nigeria. If you missed my post on the common myths about solar panels, you can read it… 519 more words

On Energy Utopia: how can we create a balance? 

An energy utopia is an environmentalist’s dream come true. Is it fantasy becoming a reality?

The earth was designed to be ‘self sustaining’ (At least we Geologists like to think so and constantly find evidence to back it up) Everything in it is expected to keep it running. 436 more words

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Still think climate change is not real? Here are three short videos that will change your mind completely. 

It turns out not many people believe in Climate change. In fact, many people believe it is a propaganda of some sort. That’s understandable as there are media dedicated to portraying that. 246 more words

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