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What Is A Carbon Offset?

“EC. Climate Change Key Terms. Carbon offset = A unit of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent that is reduced, avoided, or sequestered to compensate for emissions occurring elsewhere.” 113 more words

Change Leadership

Let's Carbon offset our flights

Booking a trip to the Alaska of blue water… or a one week adventure package to Costa Rica where you can see volcanoes while sipping on tea in the tree-houses… 530 more words

Carbon Offset

Hertz Launches Carbon Offset Program Initiatives

The Hertz Corporation, a world leading car rental and car-sharing operator has launched a new carbon offset program that provides corporate customers worldwide with the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprints associated with their vehicle rentals through the purchase of carbon offsets. 747 more words

Urban Mobility

Don't hug trees. Plant them.

For my birthday in October, both of my sisters asked me what I wanted as a present. Partially as a joke, but partially in a bid to be less consumerism-centric, I asked them to buy me some trees. 420 more words


Offsetting my guilt

I knew it was a bad idea to press the button, but I just couldn’t help myself. I had just finished booking flights to the UK and was excited by the prospect of visiting my family whilst trying to convince myself that air travel was irrelevant to climate change. 485 more words

Here is how you can do something about Deforestation.

Have you ever felt like you hear so much about deforestation, climate change and its dangers and you are unsure of what you can do to help? 291 more words

Global Warming

Green buildings explained.

My first thought about green buildings was green houses. Now these are two different expressions that mean very different things and may be mistaken in their use. 386 more words

Carbon Offset