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More reasons for reduced guilt while flying

I feel less guilty flying on vacation now that I’ve compared flying with driving by car. Both contribute to global warming about the same.

Comparisons between the two are tricky because there are many factors like the efficiency of the car and how many are traveling. 470 more words


So you want to carbon offset that vacation. Here's what you need to know

Summer time! Travel time! Time for a trip! A nice long vacation! You deserve it!

Unfortunately, your big fun trip comes with a big ol’ carbon impact — even bigger than we previously thought, according to a… 64 more words


Show me the money

“I didn’t eat it”

“You didn’t eat it?”

It was pork. I wouldn’t eat pork.”


“What do you mean why?”

What, because it wasn’t kosher?” 2,061 more words


Lyft pledges to cancel out the carbon from your next ride

Lyft, the ridesharing technology company, announced Thursday that it’s balancing out the carbon emissions from its fleet by purchasing carbon offsets. Basically, this means the firm will plow some of its revenue into funding projects that reduce greenhouse gases — think: planting trees or investing in wind energy projects — in order to cancel out the emissions from the… 854 more words

Business & Technology

Ontario's GHG emissions at lowest level since 1990 - Environmental Commissioner commends the first year of cap and trade but recommends changes for freight sector, green procurement

On January 30, 2018  the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) submitted her annual Greenhouse Gas Progress Report to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario –  an independent, non-partisan review of the government’s progress in reducing emissions for 2016-2017.  362 more words

Government Policy

Transport Emissions Policy: Kicking the Big, Growing Can down the Road

Transport has Australia’s biggest emission reduction task – and little government support.

The 2017 Review of Climate Change Policies released over Christmas presents a re-hash of current policies and policy reviews, deferring new progress to after the 2019 federal election. 571 more words