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Carbon Paper

The problem with the ReUse Centre is that because you pay by the visit, not item, I often end up picking up stuff I really don’t need but am intrigued with. 472 more words

ReUse Centre

#77. 4 April 2017. Invisible sun.

Another image derived from yesterday’s drawing (the underlying pink “print” here was a byproduct when I traced an image laid on carbon paper, laid on an inked sheet. 38 more words

Watersoluble Wax Pastels

#76. 3 April 2017. Untitled.

As is often the case after a day at the computer, I wanted to make an abstract drawing that didn’t involve intense observation. This began as an attempt to make a two layered image with a bright inked underlay showing through a dark top layer of carbon paper but in the end I used the underlay alone. 9 more words


Typewriter Paper and Carbons-PART 1

Some of the often overlooked ephemera relating to typewriters are the onionskin sheets and carbon sheets that were manufactured.  I have found that these often have some very cool copy and branding logos. 287 more words


First Person Plural

In theory one can write a book or story in any combination of voice and tense. Some combinations work well, and others are difficult to keep from being awkward. 856 more words

Element of Design: Value

Value – The relative lightness and darkness of an object

We spent two of our art classes exploring the element of value, starting with practice creating a realistic drawing of a mug focusing on perspective and shading.

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