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The flawed theory of Carbon Credits

The video above by the non-profit organization Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) explains a very good overview showing basic information on why carbon trading is a very flawed method of stopping climate change. 240 more words


Ruling Continues the Bullet Train to Nowhere

California’s bullet train to nowhere will continue to suck massive quantities of tax dollars and ruin farms in the Central Valley courtesy of a ruling yesterday (11/16/2012) by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Tim Frawley. 180 more words

Co2 Insanity

Is the EUETS working?

To a large extent the EUETS is working in the sense that the 1990 minus 20% target will be met. Why? In part due to the the ETS and also in part slowing economic growth. 187 more words

Is the case for a 2020 target of 1990 minus 30% compelling?

In the face of announcements that the EU emissions in 2011 fell short of expectations – from twitter Emissions covered by the #EUETS were 1.7 billion tonnes in 2011, down 2.45% on the previous year: … 26 more words

WSJ: EU Carbon-Market Changes Move Ahead

European Union lawmakers Tuesday backed the possible withdrawal of carbon-dioxide emissions permits from the EU carbon market, setting the stage for what could be tough negotiations with member countries, as pressure for action to boost stagnating carbon prices increases. 270 more words

Government Cash Grab

Japan's energy crisis puts ETS launch on ice

JAPAN has become the latest major world polluter to rule out introducing a carbon price or carbon tax in the near future, as it struggles with power shortages and a rising yen caused by the euro crisis. 427 more words


EU Lawmakers Seen Backing Moves on CO2 Market

European Union lawmakers are expected Tuesday to back the possible withdrawal of carbon-dioxide emissions permits from the EU carbon market, but are likely to soften the language from a previous proposal that had triggered a 30% jump in CO2 prices. 465 more words