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How to Profit from Environmental Destruction

Pricing the Planet Part 2

Al Jaceera (2018)

Film Review

Part 2 of Pricing the Planet is even more disgusting than Part 1. It concerns the “green conferences” organized by oil, chemical and mining companies to promote ways they can invest in “credits” to mitigate their activities that degrade the environment. 240 more words


Carbon Trading In China Is A Slow Burn

CHINA, THE WORLD’S biggest polluter, is taking the slow road to market-based initiatives to tackle climate change.

As far back as June 2011, Wang Shu of the National Development Reform Commission (NRDC)’s Climate Change office… 530 more words


Let’s hold off on praising China's new carbon-pricing market

This week, China announced it has launched a nationwide carbon-trading market, with the intent of slowing down its growing climate footprint and capping its emissions as soon as possible. 533 more words


China launches 3 billion tonne carbon trading market

China has launched a 3-billion tonne carbon market for the power and heat sectors, with trading expected to commence within a year.

According to deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Zhang Yong, “China will use market mechanisms to control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote major innovations and green low-carbon developments.” 428 more words


The carbon trading scheme is just that

No matter which side you come down on in the climate-change debate, it’s the carbon trading desks at the Wall Street banks that win as I… 317 more words