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Climate Change: Who pays?

Thoughts on BBC Radio 4’s debate ‘The Global Philosopher’.

BBC News Summary.
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As the human race burns through more oil fields and woodlands, polluting the ocean, dumping waste and flooding inhabited land, it makes sense to ask the question: ‘who pays for climate change?’ 1,092 more words

Science Guy Bill Nye's Global Meltdown

The Five Changes of Climate Grief

National Geographic (2015)

Film Review

The Five Changes of Climate Grief is a humorous documentary in which Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a psychiatrist and Bill Nye the Science Guy plays himself as the latter grapples with climate denial (not the kind Exxon pays for but the personal kind all of us experience). 199 more words


Carbon Trading, Sustainable Development and Financial Fragility

The response to climate change is one of the most pressing policy issues of our time. Carbon trading assets are currently worth more than $100 billion. 1,793 more words

Tightening control over your life

We wrote about Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and sustainability being used to facilitate inter-generational plunder for the benefit of bureaucrats, corporatists and politicians.

We wrote about Ontario’s proposed Carbon Tax/Cap & Trade, its predictable impacts on the people of Ontario and the financial incentives for a… 989 more words

Ontario Politics

Multi-Billion Euro Carbon-Trading Fraud: Heist of the Century

“Shady deals, offshore accounts, money laundering… The trial has all the hallmarks of a crime thriller and comes nearly seven years after French authorities cracked down on a carbon-trading scheme that cost the European Union €5 billion – including €1.6 billion in France – according to Europol.” click here

Climate Changes