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Potensi Enzim Anhidrase Karbonat (CA) Sebagai Target Terapi Kanker

potensi anhidrase karbonat sebagai target terapi kanker

Potensi Enzim Anhidrase Karbonat (CA) Sebagai Target Terapi Kanker



Pemahaman mengenai adaptasi sel merupakan hal yang penting, tidak hanya pada kondisi fisiologis normal namun juga dalam kondisi patologis seperti pada sel kanker. 3,634 more words

Biokimia Kedokteran

Pop Rocks and Carbonation

Some might say one of life’s little pleasures is eating candy.  Those who have tried Pop Rocks, however, know that its sugary glory and dare-devilish allure warrant an entirely new adventure.  867 more words

Science & Food

Natural Enzymes and Large Scale Carbon Capture

Have you ever heard of carbonic anhydrase? Until now, I hadn’t either. It’s an enzyme in our bodies that speeds up the conversion of carbon dioxide and water into bicarbonate and protons (a process known as the hydration of CO2.) 243 more words


Carbonic anhydrase II regulates differentiation of ameloblasts via intracellular pH-dependent JNK signaling pathway

Differentiation of ameloblasts from undifferentiated epithelial cells is controlled by diverse growth factors, as well as interactions between epithelium and mesenchyme. However, there is a considerable lack of knowledge regarding the precise mechanisms that control ameloblast differentiation and enamel biomineralization. 204 more words

Recent Publications

Schizophrenia and Hypoxia

Obstetric complications are probably one of the most oldest known complications suspected to be involved in the preconditioning of Schizophrenia. They seems to be more common in schizophrenia than in the general population (Cannon et al.) and it seems to be an higher risk to predisposed individuals that and obstetric events should occur (Schulze et al.) and that those patients who have suffered obstetric events often seems to have decreased volume of the hippocampus volume (Stefanis et al.). 328 more words


Schizophrenia H2S and Carbonic Anhydrase

After the updates of the new page: The Etiology of Schizophrenia – CS2. The work now continues by following the metabolism from CS2 to H2S in what could be and the reactive core in the etiology of Schizophrenia. 317 more words


Flashes of Death & CO2 reactivity

A not so well known fact is about Schizophrenia is that the individuals  having it, have less CO2 reactivity, but what about it? Does it really matters, what do you think? 272 more words