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Novigrad, GWENT’s Second Expansion Trailer And Pre-Order Now Available

Novigrad was announced today by CD Projekt Red as Gwent’s upcoming second expansion. Alongside with the the below press a trailer was released to get fans excited and to hype for the hope of pre-order sales. 318 more words


So many games!!

I knew there would be lots of games to see and play at Origins, but once we were there and saw everything, it was mind blowing! 345 more words

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Mythos Busters 061: Daisy Does the Worm

Click here for the episode.

Today, Sean, Ian, Scott & Nick sit down and build a deck for the second half of the legendary investigator duo, the Sonny to Skids’s Cher, Daisy Walker! 223 more words

Arkham Horror

Roux Dat #11

Hey board gamers, BJ from Board Game Gumbo here, back with more Louisiana flavor and tales of board gaming from the Krewe de Gumbo. It feels like summer already down here in South Louisiana, but that just means more hot games on the table at Gumbo Game nights at Anubis Game & Hobby. 2,554 more words

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#432 - High! High? High!!

Base price: $25.
3 – 5 players.
Play time: ~20 minutes.
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Full disclosure: A review copy of High! 1,880 more words


Verti-Go - The Card Game of Balance and Chaos Review

The sub-genre of tabletop games where you stack things until they fall over goes deeper than Jenga. I’m not throwing any shade at the classic, but it’s so ubiquitous that I feel like many don’t know anything else beyond it. 662 more words