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Yu-Gi-Oh! Poker Night

Coming to you from one half of the Console Wars is an awesome animated short showing you can take the man out of the children’s card game, but you can’t take the children’s card game out of the man.



I got 1350 points and won 2 prime games!! Awesome day.

Tabletop Inquisition Podcast - Episode 5 - Janice Turner of Wren Games (Interview)

Tabletop Inquisition is a podcast collaboration of Boardgame Inquisition and Tabletop Games Blog. In each episode we tackle a different issue facing board games, the people who play them and maybe their industry. 364 more words

Card Games

June 24th - 30th

Hope you have a great week! We had a busy weekend and we’re really looking forward to a nice game of Root later in the week. 3,324 more words


A Lot Of Gambling Fun To Try Out With The Industry In Malaysia Today

The region of Malaysia introduces you to some of the best of modern gambling themes and it is interesting to step into a casino here today. 309 more words

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