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New Moon Reading 3/27/17

I like to do a reading for myself during each new moon symbolizing a new cycle. I actually don’t read for myself for the rest of the month unless something urgent comes up and I need guidance. 273 more words

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Weekly Card - Three of Cups

This week’s card to learn is the Three of Cups

Card Description:

In the Three of Cups, we see three women, dressed in their finest clothes, dancing and celebrating, in the middle of an orchard. 430 more words

Card Meanings

Tarot Nerd Challenge by Galaxytone

I found this wonderful challenge on Day 20, so I’m going back and catching up.

Follow it on Instagram: #TarotNerdsChallenge hosted by @shonna + @newagehipster333 and…on Twitter (same hashtag). 842 more words


Weekly Tarot Reading 3/27 - 4/3/17

Weekly Tarot Reading 3/27 – 4/3/17
Three of Cups, Six of Swords & Queen of Cups 377 more words
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We Have Forgotten How to Allow

I can’t take credit for the title of this post. It is a sentence from the book Knowing Woman by Irene Claremont De Castillejo, a psychoanalyst who trained with Carl Jung. 1,631 more words


Weekly Card - Five of Wands

Weekly card to learn is  the Five of Wands

Above we see four men and one woman, raising or just holding their wands, notice only two have flowers. 466 more words


My reading for joining Facebook

I thought it would be good to also have a Facebook account, so I just joined.

I wanted to perform a reading asking the Tarot what can I expect from my Facebook experience (as well as creating this blog) and these are the cards I drew: 304 more words