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2 of Hearts

Numerical Value: 2
Key Concepts: Attraction, mutuality, youth, newness

The two of hearts is one of the few cards in the deck that, alone, seldom indicates something negative. 198 more words


Ace of Spades

Numerical Value: 1

Key Concepts: Endings, Worries, and Trouble

The ace of spades is a peculiar card. It’s the card of power in games, but it is a card that heralds problems in cartomancy. 299 more words


6 of Swords

I occasionally go out into public with a “Free Tarot” sign attached to my purse. If people see, notice, and ask, I will do an impromptu reading. 246 more words

Sample Readings

The Five of Toes

I am not superstitious, but I still pause before picking the 5 of Coins cards from several decks to examine them side-by-side. Words associated with this card are hardship, adversity, worry, drought. 267 more words

Card Meanings

Ace of Diamonds

Numerical Value: 1

Key Concepts: New business offer, invitation, and a proposal.

Another lovely card to see in a reading that can indicate wonderful results are about to happen in real life. 199 more words


Ace of Clubs

Numerical Value: 1

Key Concepts: New business offer, work, legalities and their respective institutions.

If you are ever asking a question about the viability of business or job prospects, this is the card that you would want to see in your reading. 212 more words