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Happy Thanksgiving, Friends of Present Day Tarot!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I wish everyone a joyful day of reveling in gratitude. I choose the Ten of Cups to represent the Thanksgiving feeling. 186 more words

Card Meanings

Anxiety and Relief- It's a Wheel of Fortune We Spin

Too often I feel like there is just too much to get done. This causes me a lot of anxiety!!!!! My head is just buzzing with ideas, projects, goals, desires, and necessities. 642 more words

Card Meanings

A Beautiful Question

A client asked me a beautiful question:

“Any positive life changes on the way for me? I have been going through tough times for too long.” 243 more words

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How to Revisit and Update Tarot Readings

The other day a friend of mine asked me what my cards say about my love life. I shrugged off the question, because I don’t read that often for myself anymore. 1,351 more words


The Devil in Love

People often come to a tarot reading asking about ex loves – Does she still love me? Will we ever reconcile? Was it a mistake to break up? 373 more words

Card Meanings

Yes? No? Maybe so?

Is he worried about…?

When situating yourself at the beginning of a reading, be aware of the type of question you are asking. Are you asking a yes/no question? 522 more words


2 of Hearts

Numerical Value: 2
Key Concepts: Attraction, mutuality, youth, newness

The two of hearts is one of the few cards in the deck that, alone, seldom indicates something negative. 198 more words