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Exploring the cards- IV Wands

Yesterday was the last day of January 2017. I started my personal tarot session with an Unlock yourself spread which did not go well. I was very disappointed especially because this was my first reading with my new Clear Quartz Crystal. 322 more words

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Death Beckons the Tarot Reader

I recently came across the record of my very first Celtic Cross tarot spread, scribbled on the back of a brochure from a rental cabin I stayed in long ago. 323 more words

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In the deck of tarot cards, nothing says lies and liars like the 7 of Swords. Since lies are in the air, let’s take a closer look. 396 more words

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Innovative Aquarius New Moon Reading for January 27th, 2017

The New Moon today arrives in the sign of Aquarius. This is the sign of innovation, originality, larger perspective, and revolution. If you want to shake things up in your life, this is the perfect New Moon to energize your intentions to make your own rules, take a risk, and be your true, unique, unconventional self. 1,209 more words

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Review - Pithy Tarot:Quick and Easy Meanings For Tarot Cards

Pithy Tarot –
Quick and Easy Meanings For Tarot Cards

Author: James Ricklef
KnightHawk Books
Third Edition
ISBN #978-154118899-0

I have followed James Ricklef’s work from way back when – from the days of his incredible “Ask KnightHawk” column, to his Tarot books ( 550 more words


Hermit in Love

People are never excited to see The Hermit in their love readings, but it happens all the time. “When will I meet my soul mate?” (The Hermit) “What does the future look like with my current partner?” (The Hermit!) Today it was, “Does my boyfriend really love me?” (The HERMIT!!) It makes for an awkward moment every time. 432 more words

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Happy Thanksgiving, Friends of Present Day Tarot!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I wish everyone a joyful day of reveling in gratitude. I choose the Ten of Cups to represent the Thanksgiving feeling. 186 more words

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