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12/12 Stargate/Gateway by Lisa Transcendence Brown

Aloha beautiful love family,

We are nearing the activation of our 12/12 Stargate/Gateway… and a powerful one it shall be!

I was surprised last night that I “forgot” about it. 676 more words


Card For Today

Our card for today, Tuesday, December 6th, is taken from the Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards – Milk and Honey – Essential Meanings: “The taste of prosperity; opportunities born of authenticity; nurturing abundance; trusting that your needs will be met.” 507 more words

Card Readings

POWERFUL AWAKENINGS NOW by Lisa Trancendence Brown

Aloha beautiful light family!

Happy NEW Moon and to more beautiful profound sacred, magical and blissful experiences to you!

Observing collectives, things are all over the place as distortions for many exacerbate, as separation energies surfaces, as the energy of deep hidden suppressed beliefs & emotions surface for clearing/cleansing/needing to be seen…. 1,144 more words


New Energy Update by Lisa Trancendence Brown

Lisa Brown
November 21 at 4:32pm · Kilauea, HI ·

These quantum timeline collapses/jumps are huge lately loves. A collapse PUSHES you…. to step it up… these are bigger/huger than ever before, so the push is bigger…. 678 more words


Walking in Your Empowerment

The other day as I was waking I saw very clearly in my mind a metal circular door, with lots of markings. I found myself standing in front of it and as I stood there waiting for it to open I heard clearly “put your hand on it”. 884 more words

The Arcturian Group ~ Powerful Energies of Light Are Creating a New World Awareness by Marilyn Raffaele

By Marilyn Raffaele, 11/20/2016

Greetings dear ones. All is proceeding according to plan even though it may seem to you that the world is going backwards. 1,373 more words


Ascension Update by soulsoothinsounds

March 25, 2015

by soulsoothinsounds

The further along we are in this ascension process, often the worse our lives may feel. Things seem to be falling apart physically, emotionally, financially, in relationships and jobs. 1,250 more words