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YCS Prize Card Problems

This card looks pretty good…

This card has two very good effects and has uses in Lightsworn, Clownblade, or various milling-based decks.  It can be a key card in Lightsworn decks, and can draw many cards after milling.   371 more words


Card Review - Zero, the Magus of Null

Void and Moon’s very own Ken Robert (Tober) qualified for the Force of Will Championship this past weekend at the Illinois regional qualifier. Choosing to run… 586 more words

Card Reviews

A Review of Some New-ish Cards

I  decided to review more cards.  However, these will mostly be a good bit more usable than the last batch of cards I reviewed.  Images and effects from the Wiki as usual. 909 more words


Card Review - Mind Reading Fox

Looking for a new card to freshen up the meta? Look no further than Mind Reading Fox, an uncommon from the newest Force of Will set… 812 more words

Card Reviews

In Defense of... Thousand-Eyes Restrict

The first part of what may or may not become a series, where I state why I believe a card should not be placed on the forbidden/limited list.   760 more words


Number S0: Hope Zexal is a scary thing to see... but not too scary?

Let’s start this post off simply by showing Hope Zexal’s effects:

 (as usual, image used and effect are from the Yugioh wiki)

3 “Number… 613 more words


A Rather Late Review of Mostly Trash CROS Cards

I have decided to check out some of the new cards from Clash of Rebellion.  However, I don’t consider myself an expert in any of the archetypes that received support, so I’m going to review some of the generic cards.   529 more words