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Warp 1, Me 0

Yes, the warp won, in spectacular fashion, and in part because of my own stupidity. I had actually fixed it enough to do a few more rows, but the tablets were listing to the right, big time. 420 more words


Mistakes Were Made

Oh, boy, were they ever. And correcting them is going to cost me somewhere.

This is not a continuous warp. This is not an inkle loom. 353 more words



I’m making my first attempt at one of the tablet weaving patterns in John Mullarkey’s  kivrim booklet, and so far, so good! I’d bought two of his books and two DVDs on tablet weaving. 1,054 more words


So, What Happened Was...

Thank all benevolent gods for Ravelry. I mean that sincerely, because I’d never get anything right with yarn if I didn’t have a fallback to YouTube, I swear. 697 more words


Snarling and Knots

The snarling refers to me, the knots refer to the warp currently sitting peacefully on the loom. At least this time I got it onto the loom. 383 more words


Double-face Cinquefoil

Duncan Kerr was elevated to the Order of the Pelican at Drachenwald Kingdom University, and I made him a small gift for the occasion. The finished band was about 1.5m long, and 21mm wide (34 cards).  1,012 more words

Tablet Weaving

Tablet Weaving @ John C Campbell Folk School

I had the opportunity to take a tablet weaving with the talented Angela Schneider in late November. It was a long-weekend at John Campbell, so class started Wednesday night and ended on Saturday. 370 more words