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Stepping Things Up!

I’ve been extremely slack with my blog, but as I’m stepping things up with both my tablet weaving, and my tablet weaving classes, it’s time I step things up here. 384 more words

Tablet Weaving

Reversible Parquet 1

The design for this band was inspired by numerous variations of ‘Birka-style’ threaded-in patterns available online. Experimenting with Saxon patterns helped me figure out how to make it reversible. 404 more words

Card Weaving

Tablet Weaving

Tablet weaving (also known as card weaving) is an ingenious technique for taking long bundles of warp threads and passing them through perforated tablets, then manipulating these to make strong patterned bands.  1,180 more words

Celtic Weaving

How to build your own multi-purpose loom!

This post is for all of you DIYers that are interested in building a nice, portable, standing weaving loom. This is the same loom I use for darn near everything I weave. 140 more words

Tablet Weaving

Hallstatt 1 reconstruction

Delving a bit further back than I usually do, I tried my hand at a Hallstatt reconstruction. Usually dated to late bronze/early iron age (~1100 BC), Hallstatt is a famous archaelogical site in Austria, and one I certainly have renewed appreciation for after having tried this pattern! 175 more words

Card Weaving

New Tablet Woven Band from Applesies and Fox Noses!

Decided to make the 15th band called “Ladders” in Applesies and Fox Noses! This band is a replica of a Finnish band found in the Kaukola Kekomaki graveyard and dating from the Carelian Iron Age. 34 more words


Birka reconstruction based on resources by Agnes Geijer

After the Trondheim reconstruction, I was left with some warp that was too long to just discard, but at the same time, I didn’t want to keep doing the Trondheim brocade. 158 more words

Card Weaving