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Getting started with tablet weaving #2

There are a few different ways you can warp your tablets/cards, but it doesn’t hurt to thread one card at a time and get a feel for working with the four holes and your colours. 473 more words

Understanding Weaving

Getting started with tablet weaving #1

In some ways, tablet weaving is the simplest thing in the world, because you just need some yarn and a set of tablets/cards. You can tie the ends of your warp to pretty much anything and you don’t need a shuttle for your weft. 221 more words

Understanding Weaving

Warp and Weft part the second!


I now have 2 yards of mostly pretty trim!

I say mostly pretty, because I made a lot of little errors in the beginning and even at the half way mark. 99 more words

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Warp 'n Weft

I didn’t think I’d be writing again, so soon, but here we are…
My local SCA group has a lot of weavers. And they weave all kinds of things. 174 more words

Card Weaving

A whole new world of weaving...

Guess what I got for xmas? Wooden tablets for tablet weaving (also called ‘cards’). I don’t have a picture of me clutching them tightly and grinning like a fool, but that’s a good description of how happy I was! 273 more words

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Tablet Woven Mandolin Strap

I bought myself a Christmas present – a new Mandolin!

Here she is in the studio:

I was not impressed with the available, mass-produced straps available at the music shop so I decided that I need to pick up tablet (or card) weaving to make my own.   92 more words

Creativity and Inspiration


For as long as textiles have been created – whether by braiding, felting or weaving – craft-workers have been combining the functional requirements of the cloth with creative ideas.  741 more words

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