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Cardboard disposal. 

So let me start off by saying I had a nice long post here that I deleted about 15 seconds after I posted it. Instead of getting mad and never posting again I’ll just give you, the wonderful people of the interweb a more abbreviated post. 213 more words

I seek for you within me!

My latest painting. Acrylic on cardboard. The peacock feathers are indication of lord krishna who is an epitome of love and happiness as per hindu mythology. 11 more words


Parks 360°

Title National Parks 360°
Platform Multi-platform
Price Free

Review The National Parks Service is one hundred years old this year, and they are doing a lot of outreach to celebrate. 282 more words


What VR headset should you buy?

In my last article, I explained how to decide if you have to buy a virtual reality headset. In this new one, I’ll try to explain you which one you should buy, depending on what you want to do. 1,306 more words

Virtual Reality

Express yourself

This recent work is entitled “FedExpression (outsider art)” and features a text about outsider art on a FedEx box. “Outsider art is an umbrella term that was translated by art critic Roger Cardinal from Dubuffet’s Art Brut (raw art) which referred to art of the clinically insane,” apparently.

Street Art

Slow Your Roll: 7 Uses for Cardboard Tubes

Can you spare a square?

No? I guess that means your toilet paper roll is spent. If that’s true, don’t toss the tube. Reuse it! There’s a lot of clever things can do with a cardboard tube. 473 more words


Weave a Bit

After reading about the Wefty needle on Mister Domestic‘s blog I ordered a set right away. The possibilities of color combinations are mesmerizing.

Making strips was easy and relaxing with the 1/2″ Clover Bias Tape Maker. 45 more words