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Make no mistake, we live in a world where thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, make their living from the publishing industry. Not one of them, not a single soul, is going to be able to admit to you that they are no longer needed. 453 more words


my hellish version

my hellish version by CT

14th January 2017

Media: Mixed


DIY Matchbox Mouse House

This absolutely adorable mini mouse house is such a cute, fun little set to play with, or have looking cute on the side! It’s really easy to make, and definitely rewarding! 793 more words

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Stuff for Cutting Cardboard

My daughter’s class is doing some sort of maker project and the teacher asked for students to bring in stacks of cardboard. To be helpful I grabbed a few shears from my personal makerspace and sent them in. 611 more words

History of the Cardboard Box


Ridged boxes have a long history, with the revelations essential for its creation running from Ancient China the distance to the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years that cleared through the United Kingdom and the early United States. 382 more words

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