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Seeing Random Things Like Styrofoam and Cardboard Get Shredded Makes Me Feel All Tingly

The ASMR result is extremely noticable in this video of cardboard and styrofoam getting shredded, since all of it simply sounds so damn enjoyable. Or, well, it’& rsquo; s enjoyable if you like having a tingling experience playing around your ears and all the method down your… – #ASMR, #Cardboard, #Shredding, #Styrofoam, #WhyNot – #asmr, #cardboard, #shredding, #styrofoam, #whynot http://htzine.net/styrofoam/seeing-random-things-like-styrofoam-and-cardboard-get-shredded-makes-me-feel-all-tingly/

Making Your Christmas Greener Each Year

Each year Lewisham’s Recycling Team attempt to cajole and persuade its residents to make their Christmas’s a little greener and more environmentally friendly than the previous one. 881 more words

FINISHED summative cardboard

After some finishing touches and using string to hang my piece, I finally finished my cardboard negative space piece!

After a few quick weeks of working on cardboard, I’m quite happy with how it ended up, especially with the fact that this is my first ever piece with cardboard. 171 more words


Storyboard & Journey Map - Submission

For our Connectivity themed brief we had to produce both a storyboard and a journey map.
The first part – the storyboard is supposed to depict my journey through the first few briefs and me researching Dundee. 802 more words

The Cardboard Chair Assignment

I’m certain this is a right-of-passage for every industrial design student in the world. I had a lot of fun with it.

My finished product was a rocking-horse inspired active-seating stool for adults. 127 more words


Dollar Store Dreams 013

The whispering returns with some paperwork.



Dollar Store Dreams

Try VR!

This year has been a busy one for the Virtual Reality (VR) industry, and it has culminated in a holiday season where you to try out almost every major headset on the market in stores like… 113 more words