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A DIY Optimus Prime Transformers Costume for Under $25

#Costuming & #cosplay doesn’t have to cost a lot. Example: you can make a #Transformers #OptimusPrime #costume for under $25 using cardboard as the base. #Costumers Benjamin Martin & Dustin McLean show how to make the costume in the following video that they posted on YouTube:


Skip the Switch and Play This Cardboard Version of Super Mario You Can Build Yourself

(Source: sploid.gizmodo.com)


Still having a hard time finding a Nintendo Switch? The hunt’s only going to get harder now that the holidays are here, but why add to your pre-Christmas stresses when you can just… 123 more words


Super Low Tech Mario

Browsing around the depths of the Internet we came across a super low tech version of Super Mario from . The video presents a complete tutorial on how to make a playable, cardboard version of the famous Super Mario game. 222 more words

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Review - Stick It To The Man

I’m not much of a platformer, I dabbled a little in Sonic in college, got on ok with Little Big Planet, but just occasionally I’ll spot one that appeals to my sensibilities. 827 more words

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Turning Cardboard and Recyclable material into Quality Time with Kids

Most parents are already aware of the importance of spending some daily quality time with their kids. Depending on the age of the child, quality time can either be through having a one to one discussion, one to one playtime, or anything that the child enjoys which the parent can participate in. 851 more words

Free studio

Paul took the rest of the class on an art trip in Venice this week, which means I am free to do whatever I want for the rest of the week. 169 more words

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