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Thankfully, Nintendo is already selling Toy-Con cardboard replacement parts for Labo

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Nintendo’s new cardboard creation experiment Labo is out today, but if you had concerns about your Toy-Con kits breaking or wearing out (because, well, they’re made of cardboard), fear not. 103 more words


Nintendo Labo: How much replacement parts will cost you

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When Nintendo first announced Labo –  a series of minigames based on DIY cardboard accessories – gamers reacted with a mixture of confusion and excitement. 220 more words


Nintendo Labo: The Review

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The first question you might have about Labo is: what’s so special about a box of cardboard and some mini-games? And the first thing to understand about Labo is that what’s actually in the box is only part of the appeal. 1,435 more words


We Had A Great Time Using Nintendo Labo To Turn The Switch Into A House

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Nintendo estimates that it takes two to three hours to turn its Switch console into an interactive cardboard-walled house. Ace cardboard-folder Gita Jackson and I did it in one. 461 more words


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