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Cardfight Vanguard Great Nature Deck Building

Hello, everyone! Today, I’ll be talking about one of my favorite clans in Cardfight Vanguard, which is the Zoo Clan, Great Nature!

The special theme of the clan is that the clan consists of genius animals with high IQs that focus mainly on learning. 1,375 more words


FC2017 - Gear Chronicle

Now to cap off the FC2017 reveals lets look at what Gears got.

Gear chronicle the scourge of the meta-game, once again going into this set the new guards and stride hell even the heal trigger had a lot to live up to. 1,179 more words

Back in the Saddle Again...

It’s been quiet around here for the last few weeks, sadly. I’ve been busy prepping for an annual event called Free Comic Book Day this past Saturday. 139 more words


FC2017 - Kagero

As promised in the last article today I’m going to cover Kagero’s new toys in this years fighters collection.

Kagero is a clan that needs no introduction and going into this set I was eager to see what bushiroad would give to the clan. 791 more words

Choosing a Clan Pt.3 (Dark Zone)

It took me a while to get back here since I was gone for vacation to Hyderabad to visit cousins and my grandmother Excuses aside, I managed to write up drafts for my next two posts (including this one and sorry for being slow) and I’ll be doing them both as fast as I can, which ain’t that fast. 634 more words

Cardfight Vanguard

Choosing a clan Pt.2 (Dragon Empire)

Welcome back, today I’ll be talking about the clans of the Dragon Empire nation! yes, this is probably going to be like this for all the nations of Cray till I move on to the next segment, so bear with me for a while. 698 more words

Cardfight Vanguard

Choosing a clan Pt.1(United Sanctuary)


So, if you’re here, that means that you’re actually interested in what I’m offering. I needn’t be so formal, but that’s just the way I work. 1,032 more words

Cardfight Vanguard