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An Open Letter to the UK National Screening Committee

Dear UK NSC,

Earlier this morning, as I scrolled through Twitter, I came across a tweet that stopped me in my tracks. Now, what an earth might that tweet have been, I hear you asking? 973 more words

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No, You Probably Won't Drop Dead While Exercising

Dropping dead while exercising is a common fear, especially among middle-aged men. Unfortunately there have been limited data on the precise rate of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in middle-aged people and little understanding about the medical history of the victims of SCA. 97 more words

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If you only had one thing to do with your day to reduce your health risks?

If you only had one thing to do with your day to reduce your health risks the most!? Just one 1/2 hour? Move your body, even just WALK! 7 more words

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Stress and cardiovascular disease

A common feature amongst many people with symptoms of heart disease in the modern age is a complaint of being under pressure or experiencing stress. Stress can be linked with cardiac disease, although whether it is a risk in its own right is hard to say. 74 more words


Podcast 58: Brain Mapping Injuries, Muscle Activation & Sleep

The intricacies of how the brain maps a compensation pattern.

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You CAN Lower Your Cholesterol – Without Drugs

One of the ways to know how healthy you are is to check your ldl cholesterol on a regular basis. 410 more words

Aspirin reduces cancer risk

Recently published data from a large meta-analysis of randomized trials examining cardiac and cancer risk have shown benefits for low dose aspirin. The majority of previous studies have focused on one or the other risk, this study looked at the combined risk of both cancer and cardiac disease. 71 more words