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Cardiff Arcades Project: Forbesfield Flowers (or how to create the vintage look in Photoshop Elements)

Here’s another posts asking you very kindly to head over to my other blog where I’ve put up another new post documenting a beautiful shop in Cardiff’s Arcades. 633 more words


Cardiff Arcades Project: Vom Fass

Just another quick update to point you in the direction of my other blog, the Cardiff Arcades Project.

I photographed the fantastic Vom Fass shop in the Royal Arcade a couple of months ago (most of the shoots I do have a couple of months turnaround… owing mainly due to this stupid thing called life getting in the way – I’m trying to be better though, honestly). 96 more words


Vom Fass: fascinating bottles, rainbow potions and exotic oils in the Royal Arcade

Although the majority of the shops and businesses featured in the project are independent outlets, I’ve always wanted to photograph the Vom Fass shop, part of a franchise, in the Royal Arcade. 267 more words


Cardiff Arcades Project: Brooklinde Jewellers

Just a quick update post to point you in the direction of my other blog.

I photographed the lovely Brooklinde in the High Street Arcade a few weeks ago and used my… 105 more words


Brooklinde: treasure trove of gold, silver and platinum in the High Street Arcade

Happy New Year!

Alright, we’re quite a way into the new year, but this is the first post on the blog of 2013 so I thought I’d get that out of the way. 420 more words


Christmas in the Arcades: Magical lights in the Castle and Morgan Quarter

For many people, Christmas means presents, turkeys, Father Christmas and maybe even Jesus. For me, my favourite part has always been the lights. And maybe Mariah Carey’s all-time best song (no, not Dream Lover). 149 more words


Christmas in the Arcades: Vintage festivity in Hubbard's Cupboard

In this second installment of Christmas specials, I take a look at Hubbard’s Cupboard.

I photographed the shop a few weeks ago, but at Christmas they’ve decided to go all out and the store is looking beautifully vintagely (is that a word?) festive. 155 more words

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