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Mentalism vs Rmerism

From a distance everything may appear normal but moving past a tree that had fallen during the recent winds and some bright red lipstick seems to have been added to the Rmer piece in Sevenoaks Park. 226 more words


Grungetown lane

A typical view across most cities in the UK and a typical back street lane featuring rotting doors, car parts and rubbish – complete with a fair splattering of graffiti too. 281 more words


Peaceful Progress:The video

One of the most prolific and longest serving street artists in Cardiff has to be Bryce Davies. The name may not be instantly recognisable but hopefully his work that has graced the streets of Cardiff is! 416 more words


Atlantic record

It was one of the first areas of Cardiff to be transformed as part of the Cardiff Bay redevelopment with a host of apartments being built around this stretch of water known at Atlantic Wharf. 120 more words



Graffiti for decades has been treated as social disorder. But now that bombing has turned into a business, Unity is fighting for the essence of graffiti. 27 more words
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Retro arcade

Artist Kera is no stranger to Cardiff and has painted in the city on many occasions but his latest visit was to help upgrade one of Cardiff’s little gems:- The Duke Street arcade! 375 more words

Street Art

Buzz tributes

As the Veg Power campaign on the Millennium Walkway got painted over – then only a few days later and a giant Buzz appeared in it’s place with the line ‘Love life’ – what did this all mean? 187 more words

Street Art