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Universities are Keeping Students in the Dark

I have recently finished a very messy first year at Cardiff University, due to the frequent striking and now COVID-19. In all honesty, I haven’t really seen where my 9 grand for tuition has gone. 250 more words

Does Beauty live with Kindness?

I don’t know how many times I’ve written about beauty, but it continues to intrigue me. Not so much about what it is -its constituent parts, its definitions, or even its historical and sociological roots- but more its ability to morph -mutate, if you will- from something that… 1,030 more words

Coronavirus: what now for soon-to-be graduates?

Master’s student Jack Wynn is feeling uncertain about what the future will hold for employment prospects 602 more words


When I returned to the UK in December 2019 after spending the Autumn semester of my final year abroad in Norway, I was filled with the incentive to live the same as I had there: to the fullest. 1,405 more words


A Change of Study Routine During Lockdown

Time is a really funny concept right now, isn’t it?

I thought I had some kind of study space sorted. I have all my applications, I have a comfortable space to work in, and I had peace and quiet. 420 more words


A tale of two viruses: COVID-19 and community - engagement and involvement in a time of national crisis (inc. links) #coronavirusuk

We are united. We are divided. We are together. We are isolated. We are community. We keep our distance.

What strange and anxiety-inducing existence is this? 1,083 more words

Medical Research

Making the most of your research

Dissertations are looming, and we all suddenly have all the time in the world.

Or do we?

With everything constantly changing, I believe the time is ripe for a brain dump. 411 more words