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Long and Short Goodbyes

This morning I discovered that my email account at Cardiff University has been disabled. Obviously the IT Services folk there don’t hang about when somebody leaves! 335 more words


Bi the way…

Reflecting on Cardiff University Students’ Union ‘Stand with LGBT+’ Week

“Hey, nice to meet you, my name’s Jess and I’m bisexual”. That certainly isn’t how I introduce myself to people, but part of me wonders whether I should start greeting people in that way. 672 more words


Graduation 6 years apart

I graduated for the second time last week. I had finally finished my journey towards a postgraduate qualification. After many years of struggle, sleepless nights and literally blood, sweat and tears, it was all over. 645 more words

Cardiff University's New Society for Postgraduate Women

An exciting development of female empowerment has just graced Cardiff University’s doors with the formation of the Cardiff University Society for Women Graduates (CUSWG), established in the June of this year. 1,487 more words


After Graduation

I didn’t get time to blog yesterday as I was involved with various festivities to with the graduation of students from the School of Physics & Astronomy… 564 more words


August Writing Contest!


From now until the end of August we will be looking for the best piece of writing members have to offer on our WordPress! 140 more words

Cardiff University

Artefact of the Week - Henry VIII's Horned Helmet, c. 1512-1514

On this day in AD 1533, Pope Clement VII issued a warning that effectively meant the excommunication of England’s King Henry VIII. To very briefly sum up one of the most  dramatic and controversial periods in British history, the excommunication came as a result of Henry VIII annulling his marriage to Catherine of Aragon and marrying Anne Boleyn without the Pope’s permission, passing the  429 more words