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Dr. Mary Gillham: Ireland, Donkeys and DNA

One of the pleasures of biographical research is finding personal insights. This has proven to be elusive in the case of freshwater ecologist Dr. Kathleen Carpenter… 493 more words


What different town types are emerging in the multi-channel era?

by Prof Cathy Parker*

Our ‘Bringing Big Data to Small Users‘ project is funded by Innovate UK, the UK Goverment’s innovation agency,to improve the customer experience of town centres and traditional retail areas, such as high streets and markets. 660 more words

Place Management

One Year Ago Today

How has the course and student life in general been going? And what’s the plan after the course ends in a few months? These are some of my thoughts.  72 more words

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No wonder…day in day out having to deal with the likes of Lansley and Hunt. – DWPExamination.

Research shows that eight out of 10 doctors in England have had mental health problems and most have not sought treatment. Mental health issues have affected eight out of 10 doctors in England, acc… 18 more words


Tales From The Safe Space, Part 19 – Cardiff Students Hold "Inner Child Day"

Good mental health does not mean regressing back into childhood

One of the most insidious things to emerge from the Cult of Identity Politics taking over Anglo-American university campuses is the false equating of good mental health with a state of childhood. 805 more words

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第5週は、冒頭にBBC Wildlifeのウェブサイトとソーシャルメディア担当者のミニ講演があったと書きましたが、ここで教わった内容が実習で日頃感じている手ごたえや課題と一致していて、さらに真似できそうなテクニックもありました。

  • Facebookは最新の投稿以外はニュースフィードでの表示の優先度が下がるので、厳選して投稿する。twitterは簡単にタイムライン上で埋もれるので、RTでもいいので頻繁に更新する。再投稿もOKだし1時間に1本を目指す
  • twitterは可能な限り画像をつける。文字だけでは見た人は立ち止まらない(impression=フォロワーのタイムラインに表示された数 だけでなく、engagement=画像をクリックしたりRT、お気に入りの数 を増やす方法を考える)。
  • よってtwitterにつける画像は、それだけで成立するものを選ぶ(特にインフォグラフィックは、記事と補い合う想定で作りがちなので注意)
  • Facebook、twitterには実際の取材先だけでなく、内容に関心を持つと思われる団体(過去の取材先など)も積極的にタグをつける。相手に益となる限りスパムにはならないので、互いに情報提供しあうつもりで。



Check out what is life like for women in Syria https://t.co/89hGUgPPPT #InternationalWomensDay…

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As a postgraduate student of PR in Cardiff University, I wanted to trace the history of my chosen field. In Stuart Ewen’s PR!: A Social History of Spin… 340 more words