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The Farm Boy Parallel: Why Eragon is fantasy Star Wars

Author: Henry Sanders-Wright

Eragon, the first book about dragon riders in the four-part Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini, was published in 2003 and isn’t all that relevant today despite being a bestseller of its time and spawning a fairly mediocre film. 951 more words

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A Year on – Doctor Who Filming February 2017

Author: Daniel Webb

It is well known that Doctor Who has been filmed on location in and around Cardiff since its return in 2005. Those of you that have been in Cardiff for several years have no doubt seen filming on multiple occasions, and if you haven’t yet then you likely will in your time at the university. 320 more words

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Harry's Adventures in Space and Time: The Doctor that Never Was

Author: Harry Shelmerdine

Paul McGann, ‘my doctor’,  an interesting phrase. In the 54 years of the show’s existence, everyone has had ‘their Doctor.’

I sadly lived my formative years through the 90s. 439 more words

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Harry's Adventures in Space and Time: 'Trail of the White Worm'

Author: Harry Shelmerdine

‘Trail of the White Worm’ by Alan Barnes (Big Finish Audio, June 2012)

Featuring the 4th Doctor Tom Baker and his assistant Leela Louise Jameson with Geoffrey Beevers as The Master… 387 more words

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Welcome to March

Author: Estella (Ellie) Thomas

Welcome to Cardiff Sci-Fi and Fantasy Network! If you’ve read our previous ‘Off-topic’ post then you know why we’re here… to create, discuss, and share all things sci-fi and fantasy of course! 245 more words

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10 Things I Wish I Had Know Before Studying the GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law).

Disclaimer! Of course this is all based on my experience while studying in Cardiff. This list will reflect what I personally would have loved to have known.   993 more words

YEAR ABROAD ESSAY: L'écriture inclusive, est-ce un pas en avant vers l'égalité?

Something a little different this Sunday. After having received the mark for my first Year Abroad Essay, I’ve decided to share it on here. I was super happy with my result, so thought why not step a little out of my comfort zone and “publish” it, so here goes.  2,661 more words

Year Abroad