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Ashes on Our Foreheads, We Pray, We Cry for the Deaths of our Brothers and Sisters

We have lost a lot of lives these past few weeks. This Lent will be one of grief yet we hope for Resurrection. Wear you ashes. 88 more words


I Just Want To Be Catholic

I just want to be Catholic.  So what does that mean?  Of course, these days, that has to be defined.  It is difficult to imagine that what one means by the term “Catholic” has to be defined in this age.   1,137 more words


In an age of Church excess, Pope Francis offers a ray of hope

“Today, people are suffering from poverty, but also from lack of love,” Pope Francis mused via his wildly popular Twitter account, @Pontifex. With over 5.3 million followers tuning in to hear the words of the pontiff in nine different languages each day, it has become remarkably simple for anyone with an internet connection to keep in touch with everything the pope has to say. 751 more words


Catholic Funeral For Public Abortion Advocate Heretic: More "Shocking" News

Thanks to ChurchMilitant.tv and the Restore-DCCatholicism blog, we learn of another Church funeral of a public heretic, this time in the co-cathedral of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston in Texas, under the control of Daniel Cardinal DiNardo. 599 more words


It's Time To Bring Back The Oath Against Modernism

Saint Pope Pius X promulgated the following Oath for very good reasons, for he was able to foresee what evil forces in the world could affect on those whose primary missions are to effect the sacraments and to teach and transmit the Faith.   1,132 more words


Divorced, Divorced and Remarried and the Eucharist: Another Unheard View

A five-year old boy stood in the midst of his mother and father.  He didn’t understand what was happening but he felt the tension and the anger between them. 1,774 more words


Pope Francis Sends Off Peace Balloons: Symbols of the "New" Faith To Come?

Last year, Pope Francis released white doves as symbols of peace, a tradition begun by Pope John Paul II.  For those who don’t recall, this was the immediate result: 550 more words