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A blanket of silence

The Feast of Saint Joseph: Patron of the Universal Church

A blanket of silence fell over the Catholic media on March 17, the Feast of Saint Patrick.   418 more words


Cardinal Dolan, Saint Patrick's Day Parade and Charade, And Aiding Perversion

Here in New York, the big news for Saint Patrick’s Day was the parade in the city.  Being the first, oldest, longest-running annual parade in the world, the parade is still a big deal in the city, even as the importance of and attention to the other parades wane.   1,061 more words


Good Guys - Robert Carra Responds to Cardinal Dolan's Concerns Over Half Century Decline in Rate of Practice in Roman Catholic Church

On January 8, 2015, Cardinal Dolan, the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York wrote the article below.

In response, Robert Carra, a resident of Lake Katrine in Ulster County, New York, wrote a letter-to-the-editor of the Catholic New York Newspaper on February 5th.  1,714 more words


50 Years Since The First Vernacular Mass Celebrated By Pope Paul VI: Cause For Celebration or Repentance?

Fifty years ago yesterday, Pope Paul VI celebrated the Mass in Italian leading to great changes in the Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church.  Within another four years, the Tridentine Mass of the ages was dropped and the new Mass replaced it.   2,670 more words


Ashes on Our Foreheads, We Pray, We Cry for the Deaths of our Brothers and Sisters

We have lost a lot of lives these past few weeks. This Lent will be one of grief yet we hope for Resurrection. Wear you ashes. 88 more words


I Just Want To Be Catholic

I just want to be Catholic.  So what does that mean?  Of course, these days, that has to be defined.  It is difficult to imagine that what one means by the term “Catholic” has to be defined in this age.   1,137 more words


In an age of Church excess, Pope Francis offers a ray of hope

“Today, people are suffering from poverty, but also from lack of love,” Pope Francis mused via his wildly popular Twitter account, @Pontifex. With over 5.3 million followers tuning in to hear the words of the pontiff in nine different languages each day, it has become remarkably simple for anyone with an internet connection to keep in touch with everything the pope has to say. 751 more words