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In bloom this week.

Some of the plants of boreal Jacob’s ladder in the rock garden, which were cut back hard earlier in the summer when they were going to seed, have rebloomed. 561 more words

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So Unbelievably Blue

great blue lobelia
Lobelia siphilitica

Here’s a cousin of yesterday’s unbelievably red flower.  Like the cardinal flower, great blue lobelia is a plant of wet places.   210 more words

So Unbelievably Red

cardinal flower
Lobelia cardinalis

Of the more than 370 different flower species I’ve seen in the last two years, this is the only one that is truly, unequivocally, red.   143 more words

Photo of the Month - August 2015

I haven’t done that much photo shooting and blog writing this month. I was more occupied by getting perfect ploring.com, which by now should have matured into a finished pro web site and perfectly matching my vision of the site where I intend to continue publishing photos of plants and animals in a more structured way. 84 more words


Cardinal Flower

The brightest star of our late summer garden is Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis). Intensely red, elegantly spired, and abuzz with happy hummingbirds, cardinal flower is the most visually arresting wildflower imaginable. 421 more words

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