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3 Reasons Why Cardio Kickboxing is One of the Most Effective Workouts

Cardio kickboxing is an intense, fast-paced, and highly beneficial workout that can be great for anybody looking to improve their overall health. Cardio kickboxing can help not only with your cardiovascular health but also with your body shape and size as well as with your strength and conditioning. 436 more words


5 Reasons Cardio Boxing Is The Most Effective Workout For Weight Loss

Are you still running several days a week trying to lose weight? Jogging, running, or cycling will eventually get you to your goal, but there is a more effective workout for weight loss – cardio boxing! 428 more words


10 Best Exercises For Burning Fat

The best way to lose weight? Eat less (or healthier) and exercise more in order to create a daily calorie deficit that forces your body to burn body fat as fuel. 492 more words


What does cardio boxing do for your body

Most of us who are trying to get fit, know that cardio exercises are vital for our body to help perform better. In comparison to any other exercise regime, cardio boxing is one of the most popular exercises that do not come with just one, but, a pool of other benefits. 526 more words

Fight Your Cravings

The first 12 weeks of any new training program are your ‘resistance phase’, your mind and body are to not on the same team, your mind wants a healthier lifestyle and your body just wants to be left alone! 867 more words

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Quinoa is a dieter’s dream food. Each 1-cup cooked serving packs 8 grams of boep reducing protein and 5 grams of fibre. The pseudo cereal (it’s a seed) is also extremely versatile: in addition to swapping it in as a replacement for rice, you can use it to top a salad, mix it into a smoothie, or even eat it as a hot cereal for breakfast. 1,242 more words

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Weight Loss Map

Jumpstart your weight loss with these expert tips, meal plans and workouts! Overwhelmed? Get expert guidance on taking one step a day towards building a leaner, more powerful you! 2,980 more words

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