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Thursday 23rd workouts - Cardio and abs, and Cardio Kickboxing

A bit of workout inspiration for Thursday, or whenever you want to get a good cardio session in.

Train hard to define those abs, build cardio endurance and work up in a sweat in a no repeat 40 second interval workout by Sydney. 40 more words

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Tuesday 14th workouts - cardio kickboxing and cardio and abs

A quick kickboxing cardio workout with intervals targeting the abs, and a great sound track to keep you moving.

The afternoon session is a no repeat cardio and abs workouts with light weights. 44 more words

Thursday 12th workouts - cardio kickboxing and Tabata Turn Up

Turn up the music in this innovative cardio kickboxing HIIT workout. Each song is a HIIT interval with 3-4 combos per song, repeated 3-4 times. When the song ends, you go onto the next combo and song. 78 more words

Thursday 26th morning workout - Supercharge cardio toning

Super charge your calorie burn in this 30 minute cardio workout. First section uses light hand weights for abs, legs and arms in a cardio routine. 43 more words

Thursday 19th morning workout -32 minute box and burn

Burn and box away those calories in boxing and bodyweight strength intervals. 5 minutes of boxing drills, followed by 5 minutes of lower body strength, 5 minutes of boxing, 5 minutes of upper body, and finally we hit the core. 30 more words

Thursday 29th morning workout - 30 minute cardio kickboxing

Toning and cardio intervals with fun, kickboxing and jump rope intervals, 1 minute per exercise.

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Thursday 11th afternoon workout - cardio kickboxing and cardio combos

My first afternoon workout is an intense booty and cardio kickboxing workout. Intervals of basic punches and kick combos, with some booty work, throw in some plyo, and get sweaty. 377 more words

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