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How to stay germ-free at the gym

The gym is a mecca for germs. Whether it be from those seriously sweating all over the cardio machines, dripping on the communal exercise mats, or those die-hards coughing and sneezing everywhere because they can’t just seem to miss a workout even when sick. 344 more words

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Triathlon Training Day 58: Easy Does It

It was dark when I got up this morning. I had hoped to slip out of the house undetected but alas the littlest was awake and wanted a feed. 210 more words


How to Choose Fitness Gear for your Health club

No matter whether you are starting up a overall health center company or setting up a Fitness center at house, picking acceptable fitness Gear is very critical. 765 more words


Women Have Been Mislead for Far Too Long Part 1

Women have been mislead for far too long.

Sadly in our society, there is an emphasis on body image. A woman grows up to believe she needs to look a certain way to be accepted in society. 1,231 more words


The Myth of the Fat-Burning Zone

I rarely use cardio machines at a gym but, when I do, I find it half-amusing and half-irritating when I see a “fat-burning” program listed.  I wonder how many people select those programs assuming that, when they’ve finished their workout, they’ve burned off more body fat than if they had spent the same amount of time on the machine using a different program.  721 more words


OTV's Fitness Equipment Buying Guide

If you are interested in creating your own fitness space, there is no need for a complete home remodel and no “set area” or required equipment needed. 627 more words

Cardio Combo With an Extra Side of Sweat

Two cardio days allowance per week means I have to get creative. I’m in the bulking stage of my workouts. Lots and lots of bulking. Just call me the soon to be Hulk or Hulkette. 226 more words