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Abbott Gets FDA Green Light for First Fully Absorbable Heart Stent

Abbott just received FDA approval for the Absorb coronary heart stent, the first and only fully resorbable stent available in the U.S. We’re kind of surprised the company is calling it what it is and isn’t pushing the new term “scaffold” on us. 36 more words


I’m not bipolar, my mother had my blood tested.

Assessing mood is inherently subjective.
“I’m sad.”
– “How sad are you?”
“Very sad.”
– “. . .”
However, scientifically quantifiable means of determining the severity of mood disorders are on the rise. 440 more words


Functional heart muscle regenerated in decellularized human hearts

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers have taken some initial steps toward the creation of bioengineered human hearts using donor hearts stripped of components that would generate an immune response and cardiac muscle cells generated from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), which could come from a potential recipient. 33 more words


Donna Hendershot

Title: Cardiac Echo Supervisor

Company: Donna Hendershot Consulting

Location: Billings, Mo

Billings, MO, February 9, 2016, Donna Hendershot, Cardiac Echo Supervisor and Donna Hendershot Consulting, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals, for dedication, achievement and leadership in cardiology consulting. 217 more words


POCUS, Aneurysms, and Mortality Rates.

If you’re a #FOAM follower, you have probably seen the pleas for bedside ultrasound more than once. This paper takes an interesting approach to try and demonstrate its value in the diagnosis of aortic dissection: Over a two year period and 386,547 patient visits, there was a review of 123 medical reports and 194 autopsy reports, of which 32 patients were identified for inclusion. 119 more words

Improving Outcomes

Virtual reality successfully used in cardiac operation

Virtual reality technology, over recent years, has improved in leaps and bounds. Technical difficulties and a prohibitively high price tag have kept it largely under the radar in terms of usable technology, but the tide seems to be turning.   132 more words

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