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New Blood-free Heart Pump Wraps Around Organ to Give it Extra Boost

Researchers at Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital have unveiled a powered soft robotic system that wraps around the heart to help augment the cardiac output. 105 more words

Medical Technology

A chicken in every pot, and a cardiologist in every box.

I think the HEART score is useful, and an incredible start to getting everyone on the same page. Getting both an ED and consultant group to universally agree on a protocol, and implement observation / admission protocols off of it are probably a bit more difficult. 287 more words

Improving Outcomes

New Vascular Grafts to Grow Along with Patient After Surgery

Surgical heart reconstructions using graft materials can do amazing things for patients, but in young children they have a serious limitation. The grafts don’t grow along with a growing heart, and so for procedures such as right ventricular outflow tract reconstructions repeat surgeries are required. 87 more words

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Sono-guided ACLS

This study demonstrates what many of us have probably suspected – the absence of cardiac activity on ultrasound portends a grave diagnosis; but this study really is so much more. 510 more words


Chronic viral infection & Coronary disease.

Are you openly ignoring a cardiac risk factor that is in the ballpark of smoking or early family history?   Even after controlling for numerous factors, well controlled HIV has a significantly higher cardiovascular MORTALITY rate – with an adjusted rate ratio of 1.53, while poorly controlled patients even moreso, with an adjusted rate ratio of 3.53, according to… 105 more words


3D Printing works wonders in the world of cardiology

An entry published in the International Journal of Cardiology explored the many recent applications of 3D printing technology in the treatment of heart-related diseases and surgeries. 39 more words


Abbott Gets FDA Green Light for First Fully Absorbable Heart Stent

Abbott just received FDA approval for the Absorb coronary heart stent, the first and only fully resorbable stent available in the U.S. We’re kind of surprised the company is calling it what it is and isn’t pushing the new term “scaffold” on us. 36 more words