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Why Losing Weight as You Age is Brutally Hard (But What You Can Do About It)

Those in their 40s just rolled their eyes when Miley Cyrus proclaimed that people in that age group don’t have sex. But what they can’t deny is that losing weight in that decade gets much, much harder.

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Exercise Your Body

Regardless of whether you’re running or walking, regular exercise is the path to a healthy, well-being. Exercise burns fat, builds muscle, lowers cholesterol, reduces stress, anxiety and helps boost energy. 250 more words

Weight Loss

A Challenge To All You Cardio Lovers: The Pacer Test

I’ll be completely honest: I haven’t been doing much cardio because I have been focusing on getting a stronger lower body by pushing higher weight on squat and deadlift. 90 more words


Week 9: Goal Reached

I have been extremely occupied with work that I haven’t gotten the chance to update my blog. The goal of 9% Body Fat was reached this past week! 390 more words


Inspiration at Shenandoah

Hiking, yoga and foraging for wild herbs with my pup and my love are the best ways to spend a weekend. Doing them all together in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park this weekend was perfect. 311 more words

LOL: Challenge Complete!

The LOL Challenge at work has actually been complete for a few weeks now… Here’s a review of what happened as well as my final results! 772 more words