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On an interview I recently did for another website

So, I wasn’t going to post this on here, my blog, because initially it felt too ‘business-like’ for here. But then I though more on it, and I thought how – actually – it is not especially business focussed. 2,204 more words


The Palace and the Pigsty.

E goes up as an undergraduate in a couple of weeks.  He didn’t manage to get a place in Hall, and the prospect of him spending his first year in digs was somewhat daunting.   708 more words

Data protection: Does a £100,000 fine sharpen our view?

Data protection is big business and maintaining compliance critical to avoid some very heavy fines.

Sensitive material included in DBS checks means that we are always diligent and the office kept secure. 518 more words

Eye test may hold clue in Alzheimer’s diagnosis

Changes in and around the eye may be able to detect cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage, the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference was told. 356 more words

Discharge delays again: New measures needed to fix problem

The Government body for scrutinising value for money on public spending has concluded “patients and the NHS have a right to expect better” on the issue of hospital discharge delays for the elderly. 466 more words

GPs a gateway to social care and more

The role of GPs is changing. No longer are their practices just treating medical conditions and referring patients to hospitals.

Primary care is at last being driven by an integration which seeks a greater level of collaboration across frontline services – everything from companionship advice for the isolated to social service and end of life referrals. 232 more words

Smart thinking, but ‘care bots’ can’t replace carers

Creating the ideal home is big business – in fact there’s a world stage out there for exhibitions that can both temp and puzzle. 520 more words