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How social care takes the lead in prevention

If anyone should ever doubt the value of social care, I suggest they read an online article in Care Talk by Debbie Sorkin, whom I met recently at a Care Alliance meeting in London. 622 more words

Council ranks break as care pressure forces hard decisions

Part of my responsibility is to keep abreast with developments in the industry, something that is increasingly difficult to do.

Plotting trends and observing responses in a fast moving marketplace is hugely challenging. 235 more words

Care Homes

The masterplan for Cumbria . .. and elsewhere?

I’d never head of the News & Star, but for those who are interested it’s a newspaper. Recently it broke a story of a masterplan for care in Cumbria County Council ‘s area. 380 more words

On an interview I recently did for another website

So, I wasn’t going to post this on here, my blog, because initially it felt too ‘business-like’ for here. But then I though more on it, and I thought how – actually – it is not especially business focussed. 2,217 more words


The Palace and the Pigsty.

E goes up as an undergraduate in a couple of weeks.  He didn’t manage to get a place in Hall, and the prospect of him spending his first year in digs was somewhat daunting.   708 more words

Data protection: Does a £100,000 fine sharpen our view?

Data protection is big business and maintaining compliance critical to avoid some very heavy fines.

Sensitive material included in DBS checks means that we are always diligent and the office kept secure. 518 more words

Eye test may hold clue in Alzheimer’s diagnosis

Changes in and around the eye may be able to detect cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage, the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference was told. 356 more words