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The truth about Alzheimer's

This is a topic I have wanted to write about for a long time but I haven’t been able to. I will probably have some texts or phone calls after this is posted, telling me to take it down. 607 more words

Affordable Hygiene- 'End The Red Stain'

We thrive in the plush cities, we have the basic amenities and most of us  can decide for ourselves,  yet we crib about our versions of gender inequality that prevails.   346 more words


Brothers Eyes

Siblings are the best to have around. They’re around when no one else is. There’s a special connection you always share. Older siblings got your back. 429 more words

When You're Just a Friend of a Cancer Patient

This post has been rattling around in my brain since I started this blog. I’ve had a lot of fear about posting it because it’s so very personal and really shows all the pieces of grief (including the ugly parts) while describing my story with it. 2,740 more words

The Nanny that still Lives in my Memory

Sweet Childhood Memories

As I sit still and think about incidences and people who were not my relatives but provider of comfort and service to my family and me – I think of one man especially, my Nanny. 1,081 more words


Metal Storm

Summer sun reflected off a wheel chair
holding half the soldier he used to be
in half the body he used to have
the dent above his left ear now hidden in his hair. 91 more words


Letting Go

Frozen , Adult Version Parody

Sometimes in life things just pile up. For a while now, a long while now… I’ve been in the denial/ ignorance is bliss mindset. 665 more words