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startup birth

startup sweet is an egg which is cut open and then…

if you boil.. it becomes soft

if you put the yoke on a pan.. it is cooked.. 93 more words

Written off

While i was away on work, my extended family had written her off as an old woman throwing tantrums and was soon going to turn into an incomprehensible mad woman. 230 more words


I Wonder...

I wonder what it’s like to be full of energy.  I would jump out of bed, easily accomplish everything I wanted to do, go to work and keep up with all the adventures the four-footed one wants to take.   317 more words

Whims And Wonders

Inside My Blender, I live an Anxious Tale 

Pulse, blend, liquefy, shred, crush, pulverize

There is no button for smoothie


Let Me Pray For You...

I know when people say they want to pray for me due to my situation, they say it with the best of intentions. My personal beliefs on religion and spirituality are erm…unique to say the least. 929 more words

Taking Care of Elderly Loved Ones: The Difficulties We Do Not Talk About

When people talk about being caregivers, most often they are talking about taking care of their young children.  However, there is a large segment of the population who are taking care of their aging parents or other family members either instead of or in addition to their own children.  896 more words



If you have not had many interactions with persons with disabilities, you may not know exactly how to act. For example, you may ask yourself “how do I talk to someone in a wheelchair?” or “how do I interact with someone who is blind or deaf?” This article provides some guidelines to ensure respectful and equal treatment of people with disabilities. 699 more words