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Economical Benefits Of Neutering Cats

Neutering is beneficial to both the owner and the pet. Neutering or spaying is the process of removal of testes in a male cat and removal of ovaries in the female cat. 286 more words


Person Centred Care Spot Check Record

Delivering personalisation is so important in today’s care landscape, and it’s also essential to recognise and celebrate when staff go out of their way to offer care that is truly person centred. 114 more words

Person Centredness

Cheveu du soi

La redécouverte d’un métier.

Les civilisations grecques disaient que dans nos cheveux sont nos pensées. Depuis la nuit des temps, la chevelure féminine est considérée comme symbole de séduction chez la femme et source de force chez l’homme (rappelez vous l’histoire de Samson!). 190 more words


Skin Care For Black Men is Extremely Important

Skin care for black men is extremely important, and even more so when it comes to shaving.
One of the biggest issues we face is ingrown hair. 98 more words

Why Take Your Chances via the E .R. When You Can Head into an Urgent Care Clinic without an Appointment and Be Seen Far Faster?

Emergencies for some reason never find a way to arise at a point that is effortless to those that have to manage them. Murphy’s Law demands that when a child falls down out of a tree and also hurts his arm, that the slide unavoidably take place during a weekend. 260 more words


Why Take Your Chances in the E .R. When You Can Enter an Urgent Care Clinic without an Appointment and Be Cared for Far Faster?

Emergencies never appear to take place during a period suitable to people who must manage them. Murphy’s Law determines that whenever a young child falls down out of a tree and also smashes his collar bone, that the plummet preferably take place on the weekend break. 268 more words



Thanks to the Universe. Thanks to the nature. Thanks to god. Thanks to what name it ever appears.

Even when we feel lost, when it seems our family and friends left us alone, even than I know you are taking care of us. 163 more words