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Anger out

I have a sister.

I get mad at her sometimes. Our head don’t function similarly so sometimes things that sound offended to me, won’t mean a thing to her and vice versa. 307 more words

We need more than an American Dream, we must have an American Plan.

I long for an America that doesn’t exist.

An America where all law-abiding citizens are treated equally and respectfully, regardless of age, race, religion, skin color, wealth or income, sexual preference, gender, or any of the many diverse things that make us unique. 243 more words


Floor Care With Allergies

#Pollen, #mold spores, #petdander, and dust mite allergen accumulate on the floor, sometimes in the form of dust. #vacuum #handheld #upright #canister

In-Home Care in Fairfax, VA Offers Benefits to a Person with Dementia

Even though dementia is rooted in irreversible causes, this does not mean that nothing can be done to help the person. In general, memory care should include proper nutrition, sleep, physical exercise, cognitive rehabilitation, and cognitive training. 103 more words

Too bad

Too good to leave you

too bad to stay

when I think of life without you

I don’t want to end this way

Too hard to swallow…

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Kait King

We need help

Have you ever been injured? A cut, a bruise, a broken bone, a muscle pull, a sprain or any other such thing that leaves your body not functioning the same anymore, a hindrance which leads you to not respond to your physical needs properly, 179 more words



Oh my dear, sleep for a while
Let me sit beside and stare at you.
as those fairies come in your dream to make you smile, 51 more words