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Calvin's Corner #59: Pastoral Care IS the Pastors Role!

On this edition of Calvin’s Corner Pastor Michael Newnham and Phil Naessens discuss the release of Volume 2 of Michael’s three part Devotional Series Make Your Own Application, why Christians should not try to take the law into their own hands or become “terrorists” and why caring for the growth of the sheep is far more important than growing their individual congregations. 6 more words

Calvin's Corner

Mindful Monday: Beautycounter

Mindfulness can encompass so many things. One of the ways I practice mindfulness is what I put in and on my body. Since high school, I’ve been conscious of the products I’ve used, like makeup and body wash and lotion. 202 more words

Mindful Mondays

I loved you.

I loved you. I fell in love with you. But the sad thing is that deep down in me, I know you’ll always be that first person I fell in love with, the first person who showed me how to cry for happiness, how to be so contented with such simple things, how to endure pain, how to love someone more than I loved myself. 192 more words

the blame game

Sometimes you gotta take all the blame because you don’t want the other person to get hurt. But what it does is kill you from the inside. Slowly. Very slowly indeed.


There were tags being handed over
saying it was sinful; dishonest
something that didn’t go well with society
something so gross and unethical

They sat down wondering… 84 more words

Hirra Sultan