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Future Proof Your Career

Are you afraid that your job will be disrupted? Not because you have a bad attitude, its business actually. Your job may be relocated to Ireland or your Canadian boss’s friend wants to work in Asia, and she can do your job.

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Personal Change

I want to meet you in 2019 — yes, you!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my startup journey, it’s the value of a network. Over the last year I’ve met hundreds of amazing people who have opened their doors and calendars to me and my team to mentor, give feedback, make connections, or just chat through our challenges. 542 more words


Making Connections

So the next obvious question is: as a content-creator, how do you create connections?

If you wanted to make friends, what would you do? Would you wall yourself off? 412 more words


Connect the Dots

In business, numbers matter — except when they don’t. I’ve watched nearly every episode of Shark Tank (I might’ve missed some from the first season). The investors will often say “numbers matter” and “You gotta know your numbers! 447 more words


Wanted: Writer

Today, I declare myself a professional writer. Whew! That wasn’t so hard was it? But what’s it mean? It means I’ve selected a particular path — and the steps I take upon it, will one-by-one take me to a specific end. 317 more words


Creating Connections

As mentioned previously, I’m in the process of turning my writing hobby into a career. Mind you, I don’t need to do this, I want to do this. 397 more words


Population Growth

Between 2017-2018, Canada’s population grew by 518,588+. That translates into a population increase of almost one person every minute.

The country’s annual population growth rate was 1.4% from 2017-2018 – the highest since 1989/1990. 30 more words