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Women & Power: Women Leading the Way

On the 13th of September I attended an event in the museum of London hosted by the Fawcett Society, it was a panel discussion on ‘Women leading the way’ as part of the city of London’s Women & Power Festival. 421 more words


Effects of Minimum Wage Hike

According to a recent Huffington Post article, Ontario’s Minimum wage hike didn’t kill jobs in Ontario.

While some experts argue that minimum wage hikes do not negatively impact strong economies, others are not in agreement. 76 more words

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Oh What a Night

Wow! Words can’t explain what has happened to me this summer. But it’s a roller coaster!

I learned a lot about myself, my career and what I want out of life. 238 more words

3 Things to Remember When Your Blog Becomes a Side Hustle

[* This post may contain affiliate links — because my blog is my side hustle!! ;) ]

Congratulations! Your blog has graduated from a fun hobby and creative outlet to something that is pulling in a bit of money on the side. 702 more words


Newcomer Recruiter Event

Newcomers, join us for a special recruitment event at the Pickering Welcome Centre.

Representatives in the fields of Human Resources, Engineering, Hospitality, Federal Employment and various other sectors will be on-site to share key job search tips. 81 more words

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What value does face to face networking bring?

This topic has been top of mind for me this week. I saw a sponsored Facebook post pop up in my feed saying, “Grow your business without having to network”. 729 more words


Job Search Lessons from the Movie: Star Trek The Kobayashi Maru

The Star Trek simulation “Kobayashi Maru “scenario comes from the 1982 Star Trek show that places a trainee in command of a Federation Starship whose objective is to rescue the crew of the civilian starship Kobayashi Maru which is under attack by enemy Klingon warships in their territorial space. 739 more words

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