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I got fired because I am pretty!

Well, not exactly.

A young woman phoned me asking for advice.  She had been fired.  As with all young people fired for the first time, she believed that she would never get another job.  640 more words

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A good cry may cost you a job offer but get you a career

Henry Kissinger had two rules. The first, which I understood, was that he would never bring “too many” Jews with him into President Nixon’s Oval Office. 607 more words

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Behind the Facade: Imposter Syndrome

When I started college in the fall of 2001, I set an ambitious path. I enrolled with a double major: one in Vocal Music Performance, and the other in Journalism. 786 more words


Career Planning Vs. Happenstance

You’re going about forging your career path and personal reputation in one of two ways; by design or by happenstance. Which is it?

If you go about your career and building your personal reputation by happenstance you get points for being genuine and authentic, but you score low on forward-thinking, long-term planning and most importantly putting yourself in a position to seize opportunities you want as they arise. 853 more words

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Tech Isn't Always Right...or Why I Hate ATS

If you could redesign the interview process from scratch, what would you change?
– Christie Mims, CEO of Revolutionary Club

Interesting question isn’t it? It’s one of the reasons I follow Christie Mims on LinkedIn…and you should be as well!

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Why You Should Take A Leap Of Faith & Grab The Career That You Want With Both Hands

Whether you’ve just finished school or have been working for years, if there’s a career that you’ve been dreaming of doing, take the leap. When it comes to your career, you can either choose to spend your time working in a role that you hate, or you can go after what you want. 494 more words


Eliminate These Phrases for Success on the Job

While one expects that all employees want to be successful in the jobs, with negative thinking, they often act as their own worst enemies and sabotage their own success.  353 more words

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