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Pick Your Battles

I was talking to one of my friends who is having some troubles at work. Work have not been smooth sailing for everyone in his company where they are expanding in a rapid rate and everything seems to be in a mess and everyone seems to be unsure of their roles anymore. 964 more words

Working Together


I was asked to do an interview by one of the writers that I greatly admire. Ngobesing is talented, renowned Cameroonian journalist in Cameroon. If you have been reading a lot in the blogosphere, you might be one of his many followers like me. 3,042 more words


Six Things to Stop Telling Yourself if You Really Want to Get Ahead at Work

Smart companies prefer to promote their internal people when they can, rather than hire from the outside for key positions.  It’s more cost effective and generally requires less transition time as the newly promoted person is (hopefully) quite familiar with the company culture and the organizational goals. 946 more words

Career Management


Did you know that one of the major reasons for your sorrow and bitterness is living in the past? If I come to your house, what pictures will I see on the walls? 171 more words

Guest Post: GET A REAL JOB! by A Momma's View

One of my new readers, A Momma’s View wrote a very interesting article that I enjoyed very much and wanted to share you all here. You know, I am always on a hunt for career inspiring articles and her title just caught my eye as I was browsing through my email. 888 more words


Teachers as workers

I recently joined a Google+ community on this very topic. The founder of the community page, Paul Walsh, wrote this about his and Nicola Prentis’ … 139 more words

Keep your promise

In my culture, words that came out of someone’s mouth is deem as a promise unless otherwise stated. One does not casually said something and meant other things. 590 more words

Working Together