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Find Your Passion: Achieve Your Dream Career

Listen to any mega-successful person, and you’ll hear them talk about having passion in their work. But what if you’re not sure what your passion is? 742 more words

Career Advancement

Need to Do a Stealth Job Search? Here’s How

You’ve bid your time for the last several years on a job that’s become stale and largely unfulfilling, just waiting until you were convinced that the job market was indeed improving, that the apparent recovery is for real. 1,065 more words

Career Advancement

The Importance of Being Earnest (on LinkedIn)

The human race is set to conquer the final frontier and land a manned mission on Mars in the next ten years, catapulting our species to new heights of interplanetary peregrination and technological advancements – and some people don’t even have a LinkedIn profile. 332 more words

The value of an MBA

I wrote back in 2012 about my positive experience of doing an MBA in Higher Education Management from the Institute of Education. Out of interest I decided to do some evaluation of this MBA with graduates via the closed Facebook site. 55 more words


8 Reasons to Be Early to Work

Arriving early to work might not always sound like the most appealing thing to do, mainly because it means getting up earlier. But there are some great reasons to get ahead of the game — especially if you practice some  440 more words

Career Advancement

Can a foreign accent hurt your career?

YES it can.

Increasingly, English is the language used for business around the globe.  Studies have shown that people who speak English as a second language may be passed over for advancement.  213 more words

English As A Second Language