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Me + Wanaka = Not to Be

After months on the road, I was bound to hit a snag.  Things couldn’t go my way all the time, I knew that.  But even with that knowledge I still secretly hoped that it would.   654 more words


10 things to do (and not to do) during a job transition

Job transition is a painful process – especially when it’s not going as planned. I’m experiencing it myself right now and wanted to write down a few ideas on how to deal with it: 1,549 more words

The Truth Is, I Don't Know What I'm Doing.

It’s Sunday, and as my first crack-down week approaches tomorrow, I’m beginning to feel nervous. I feel that I’m reaching into the dark with my sabbatical – that my choice to go on sabbatical was not a choice of clear direction, but more so to purposely reach into the dark, and see what comes out. 261 more words

Career Break

It's Friday, and I'm Coming to an End of my First Week Off

Well, I’ve almost made it my first week! This week was my relaxing week – I didn’t accomplish much, and that was the plan. I even feel the urge to jump on some of my studying now, but I’m resisting it, hoping that it will continue to build up for this coming Monday. 371 more words

Career Break

Who runs the world? Mexican women

You know that expression, “If you want something done, ask a busy person”? Well I’ve discovered the reverse is true: If you want very little to happen, turns out an unoccupied woman is your man. 799 more words


A Free Monday

Today was my first “business day” off of work, and I spent it as a quiet day at home. Throughout the day I had it in my head that it was Sunday – it’s weird not going to work on a Monday. 227 more words

Career Break

Wanaka, we meet again

The first time I set eyes on Wanaka was back in May when my family and I spent a week in the south island.  We drove an hour and a half  from Queenstown, taking the not-as-scenic route highway 6.   828 more words