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On self-confidence

I’ve strayed slightly off-topic for the last few¬†posts (if my blog still has a ‘topic’ – I guess it has just become an occasional outlet for some more general musings on life and my experience of it), but this one is firmly back in the ‘career change’ zone. 1,245 more words

Sri Lanka Tips

Taxis & Tuk Tuks – The general rule of thumb is that both will charge 40 rupee (25 cent) per km with Tuk Tuks generally charging 350 rupee minimum. 272 more words

Surviving on one wage

“The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living life on your terms” Chris Brogan.

I am now officially out of my maternity leave, and I am lucky enough that I am able to take an extra year off work on career break. 1,223 more words


Giving Up Teaching

I have been suffering with anxiety and work-related stress for several months – perhaps longer – and it has come to a head in the last week or so. 1,064 more words



The train service in Sri Lanka isn’t the most punctual but it is remarkably cheap. The 3 hour train we took covering 105km from Kandy to Negombo cost us 60 Rupee, just short of 40 cent. 499 more words


The town of Kandy provided a more lively setting for the next 5 days of our trip. We were very pleased with our stay in the Theva residency, a hotel embedded in the hills overlooking Kandy town. 716 more words

A grown up gap year

My experiences in taking a career break from my regular job as a head keeper at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park, and going to work for a one year period with… 544 more words

Asiatic Moon Bears