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Same, same, but different

I start a new job next week. Yes! After a soul destroying four month search having come back from traveling for almost a year, I have a job. 568 more words


I get knocked down, but I get up again...

Chumbawamba.  That takes me back.  Sigh.  Who doesn’t want to jump up and down and sing along to that refrain ‘I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never going to keep me down… 2,699 more words


Random Perk

When you’re out and about during the week you run into a lot of people who are doing their own thing professionally. It makes sense – if they worked 9-5s you wouldn’t be seeing them at the dog park at 1 PM on a Tuesday. 12 more words

Career Break

Do something that scares you every day!

It’s one way to feel alive for sure.  I think the actual advice is ‘do something out of your comfort zone every day’, it’s a sort of staple for building confidence and getting over culture shock in unfamiliar contexts.  3,380 more words



Everyone should get a mid-life year off.

You need at least a year, because it takes a lot of time to re-set. In my case, about five months. 273 more words

Career Break

Once more unto the breach dear friends... and a potato for the teacher

That’s probably a really inappropriate heading to be fair.  It’s not warfare teaching, au contraire, most of the time it’s hilarious.  Even so, a week off for half-term, followed by a rather patchy week of teaching due to Chinese New Year and thin attendance meant I wasn’t really feeling the love returning to teaching yesterday evening.  1,834 more words


We're in the money!

It’s Chinese New Year.  Not actually today, but imminently. This isn’t a public holiday in Cambodia, not technically, but it’s pretty obvious from my students that it might as well be.  2,518 more words