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Journey Up the West Coast

Leaving Wanaka brought mixed emotions.  I was filled with disappointment at not having a paying job and having to pull myself out of a place that started to feel like home, but at the same time I was excited for what lied ahead.   967 more words


It is never too late

Quotes have a way of succinctly saying something meaningful, so I love using them in my posts. It also conveys a lot in those few words what I have tried to do in these past 2 years…a risk such as taking a break from a successful career and pursuing a full time Masters, living in an expensive location and using up most of the savings. 934 more words

Career Break

Live online learning is the perfect solution for women returning to work

In the fast paced world, where businesses operate 24/7 and their changes are driven by continuously evolving technology, constant transformation and evolution of work environment is prevalent. 823 more words




So, here’s what I’ve been doing in the last month, I’ll try to keep it to one highlight per day (if you have only one minute, I suggest watching the videos from Siena). 793 more words

Career Break


(I started writing this right after we arrived home in December 2014. Getting caught up in re-entry meant an unintentional hiatus in blogging, but we’re back, literally and figuratively.)  480 more words


Why Employers Should Be More Open Minded About Annual Leave.

For those who have dreams of travelling the world the current system of annual leave in many jobs and careers is not fit for purpose. The paradigm of having to beg for time off or have a limited amount of days begrudgingly doled out to them piecemeal just doesn’t work, which is why the mantra of ‘quit your job and travel the world’ is so popular. 3,239 more words


Me + Wanaka = Not to Be

After months on the road, I was bound to hit a snag.  Things couldn’t go my way all the time, I knew that.  But even with that knowledge I still secretly hoped that it would.   654 more words