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A Gap Year Is For Life, Not Just When You Graduate!

A gap year is still seen as a privilege of youth, as an indulgence of time and lack of responsibility that only those just graduating from university or still in their early twenties can afford. 1,782 more words


Active (ex)Underwriter

And so it begins. I have become one of those ‘currently not working’ women who spend a disproportionate amount of time in sportswear. Please don’t confuse my look with those mums who peacock at the school gates, their Pilates honed bodies draped in the latest designer loungewear, their faces painted to better suit the ground floor of a House of Fraser rather than the local Primary. 1,779 more words

A cave that breathes

We’ve taken an unplanned detour into South Dakota; just because. Our first stop was Wind Cave National Park. I fell more in love with the stories about this place than the actual cave, and that’s no easy feat. 1,115 more words

Village Life

In preparation for taking our family gap-year, we have sold our house in Bristol and downsized to a cottage in the country. We sold our house before Christmas and have now finally moved home into our new village. 561 more words


The hidden beauty of tundra

True confessions time: I have played a lot of computer games. Not enough to make me a hermit, but I’ve given up a fair share of weekends. 241 more words

The Big Bonanza

Nestled in the Virginia Range above Reno, the small old-west town of Virginia City, Nevada is the “birthplace” of Mark Twain, origin of the psychedelic “San Francisco Sound”, and the site of the Comstock Lode, known around here as the Big Bonanza. 437 more words

Slow Travel

Sweat the small stuff

Individually, they are the size of a grain of rice. Together, and under the right conditions, the only thing that has stopped them is their own insatiable hunger. 642 more words