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Student services you may be missing out on

With a wide range of options available to Metropolitan State students, everyone can benefit from the opportunities these services offer. Get to know these great services and utilize them to enhance your academic journey. 458 more words

Student Life

Let’s Talk Politics! (Office Politics, That Is)

Originally published by Lindsey Pollak 29 April

The phrase “office politics” makes some people queasy. Maybe that’s because we tend to associate “politics” with people who are looking out for No. 616 more words


Moving to the Physics Building

To inform students that the UMBC Career Center was undergoing renovations and would be temporarily relocated to a different building over the summer, I designed this poser.  15 more words


Women's Leadership Forum Recap

We just wrapped up another highly successful and sold out IAEE’s Women’s Leadership Forum on Tuesday, 26 April. “This year’s attendance reflects the overwhelming interest in programming addressing topics specific to female professionals,” said 2016 IAEE Chairperson Julie Smith, CEM, CTA. 788 more words


Poor Communication Skills Are Killing Your Authority

Originally published by Lindsey Pollak 26 April

Remember the “house phone,” that apparatus we now call a “landline?” Every Gen Xer recalls the torment of the long cord that was just a little too short to get you away from your eavesdropping siblings, the annoying busy signal, and let’s be honest, the thrill of calling your crush and hanging up pre-caller ID. 645 more words


DYK: Career Center

Did you know the MU Career Center assists nearly 8,000 visitors each year?

We continue our Did You Know series by taking a look at the MU Career Center, which aims to empower students to engage in lifelong career development by encouraging purposeful experiences, personal reflection and exploration of career information. 225 more words