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Nov. 13: Career Center Video Watch Party

Celebrate the Career Center’s completion of powerful career education videos.

Watch the videos and meet the producers. noon to 1 p.m., Monday, Nov. 13, at the Library and Learning Center,  Ecolab Lib 302, 645 E 7th St, Saint Paul. The event is free.

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In Chapter 1 of Premiere Pro Guru: 3D Titling for Video Editors, I designed 3D type. I set the Extrusion Depth to 25 pixels, the bevel’s width to 50%, and the coordinates to 4, 20, and 155.69. 51 more words


Day 47

Today we had Career Center. We did a work keys testing. Today was project day for us. So I made a t-shirt design. It is a graduation t-shirt design. 118 more words


3 Challenges Women Face In Advancing Their Event Tech Careers

Originally published 9 October 2017 by Michelle Wyatt, CEO & Co-Founder, CadmiumCD


The recent controversy at Google underscores a persistent problem in the technology sector: Women remain significantly underrepresented at all levels. 1,088 more words


Day 42

I emailed my goals today since I was sick the last 2 days.I also emailed a job shadowing thing saying the top 3 careers and how to get there.Today we had career center. 120 more words

InDesign Training


I’m starting on a new course titled Creating a PSA Commercial in Premiere Pro. I attended Career Center at 9:25. What I did was took a math test on WorkKeys. 36 more words


Multigenerational Workplace Challenge: Develop Healthy Conflict Resolution Skills

Originally published 15 September 2017 by Lindsey Pollak

Disagreement in the workplace is inevitable, particularly when you are passionate about what you do. Add in… 503 more words