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Insider's perspective on the recruitment industry.....

As a member of the MBA Career Services and Employer Alliance, I have the opportunity to participate in several discussions on best practices to support the MBA/MS population (students and alumni) as well as professional development activities.  320 more words

Career Development

How Writing and Training For A Half Marathon Are Exactly The Same

If you’ve ever trained for a half marathon, you know all about what it takes to prepare yourself for your race date. While on a run this morning as a part of my training for the… 610 more words

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Good Afternoon, I am in law school and I will be done by October. I am interested in going into legal practice in the areas of taxation, intellectual property & corporate financial law after graduation.

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CMA's Continue to Earn a Premium over Non-CMA's.

2014 saw higher salaries and total compensation for IMA members around the world, and CMAs continue to earn a premium over non-CMAs.

Around the world, salaries of those holding the CMA are higher than those of non-CMAs by at least 23% (see below table ). 249 more words


Difficult conversations: standing your ground

What do you do when you are in the middle of a ‘difficult’ conversation at work or home? Maybe you become defensive (ahem! That’s me), maybe you become emotional (also me), maybe you go completely blank and cannot think at all or maybe you overthink everything on the spot, or maybe you just get really red faced and emabarrased. 394 more words

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Some Thoughts on the Role of Animals in Medicine

The backbone of anatomical, physiological and clinical research

In 2012, a book appeared on the shelves of popular science that (re)acquainted the public with a medical revelation; namely that animals share with humans a wide range of acute and chronic diseases as well as psychological disorders, and that they can accordingly ‘teach us about being human’. 237 more words

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Spark Creativity with Peer Groups

Today’s article is by Amy Gonet, President of The Gonet Group and independent instructional designer. Amy has worked on several projects for Radcom for over the past year, and her professionalism, creativity, and flexibility have been invaluable. 709 more words