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I believe, therefore, I can

The simple definition of self-efficacy is: The belief someone possesses in his or her ability to succeed in a situation. This theory from psychologist Albert Bandura… 1,015 more words

Career Development

My summary of the main themes of the #NICEC Rethinking Conference

Last week (21st-22nd September) we held Rethinking Career Development – The NICEC conference for 2016.

The conference brought together almost 100 career development experts from across the world to talk about the past, present and future of the field. 1,071 more words

Chapter 3

As Joshua ventured into the forest, little did he know what he would encounter next would change his life. A gigantic monster of about 8 feet tall walked up to Joshua and began to mumble in gargantunese. 542 more words

Syllabus reflections and future of this blog (wild-growing mind garden)

The last syllabus update

A few months late, this post officially marks the end of the syllabus project. The project had a threefold purpose: create an idea flow management system, learn how to make a workshop, and further my career development. 683 more words


New Business Book Summary Available for Becoming the Best

Katie C. Kelley was a driven professional living out the dream she carefully constructed as a teenager: to have her own psychotherapy practice in Manhattan. Despite that success, she grew increasingly dissatisfied with her personal and professional life. 434 more words

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