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Top 15 Ways To Say “Thanks But No Thanks” To Taking On More Work.

Hey There,

In the bid to be efficient and productive, we tend to take on more work that we can manage effectively. Fore some of us, the issue lies in rejecting the task from our superiors (who dish them out as orders rather than suggestions.) Today, we are suggesting 15 phrases that would assist you in dodging the bullet. 272 more words

Caribbean Mentors chats with Maxine

I am always thrilled when I see people reach for their goals. I am even more thrilled when I can make a small contribution to that process. 77 more words

Maxine Attong

Finding "Good People" When Changing Jobs

The sun is shining; birds are singing; people are interviewing. In addition to a volatile stock market, there’s a lot of movement in the job market, particularly in the technology sector, where open requisitions abound. 882 more words

Management Organization

The Benefits of Travel for Account Planners

The truth is, as a planner, it’s often hard to know what to do to improve your skills.  Each project has the possibility of teaching something new about the work you do, if you’re open and receptive during the process.   3,286 more words


A job seeker's name

People talk about lack of experience and education about being a hindrance to getting a new job. There are other problems-legitimate or self-imposed-that are less talked about, but exist; one is peoples’ names. 678 more words

Oh the Capabilities! FPA launches Professional Development Center

Many of us might not know the full capabilities of our smart phones, then we discover a cool, new-to-us feature that we’re over the moon about. 343 more words


Dear Marissa Mayer and Zachary Bogue

Congratulations to you both on your pregnancy announcement! After the birth of a son, the expectation of not only one girl but two must be exciting its own unique way. 975 more words