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5 Modern Networking Tools For Millennials to Get Ahead

As a millennial, take advantage of the fact that you love trying out new methods, apps, and technologies for just about everything, especially for your career and professional life. 907 more words

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Intuition and Lazy Questions

Psychologists distinguish between two types of thinking, System One and System Two.   Daniel Kahneman, in his great book, “Thinking, Fast and Slow”  describes them almost as two characters inhabiting the same person since they work quite independently of each other in different parts of the brain. 968 more words

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On the Origins of Confidence

We don’t often dwell on this – and may never discuss it with others – but when it comes to responding to the challenges we face around our careers, many of us have voices in our heads. 1,020 more words

Summer Research Week 4

Big changes! Lots of progress!
Version 2.0

In an effort to save massive amounts of time, I developed a new way to display all 58 graphs on 1 single web page, saving me the hassle of copying and pasting any new code that I may have to 57 other HTML files. 697 more words

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Full-Time Student, Part-Time Student Worker

By Dyllan Cook, Career Jack

As my senior year of college steadily approaches I’ve found myself, on more than one occasion, reflecting on the time I’ve spent here at NAU. 910 more words

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Launching the Next Generation Researchers Initiative to Strengthen the Biomedical Research Enterprise

By Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, National Institutes of Health

In May, I wrote about NIH’s plans to establish a policy to address a biomedical research workforce dangerously out of balance by using a new measure called the Grant Support Index (GSI). 452 more words

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Crawford Marine and Transport team reflects on two years as Lloyd’s Agent

Crawford Australia Marine and Transportation is building on its recent Lloyd’s Agency appointment, by further developing the team’s knowledge and skills at its latest conference held in Sydney. 325 more words

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