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Southern Snark aka Writer's Revenge

No one really likes to write, they like to have written.

Being a writer has to come out of a true passion because sometimes the act of writing is in fact like opening a vein and bleeding onto the page.  1,009 more words

Ellie Mack


Nine days to go before Kentuckiana Author Book Blitz where I will be debuting my book RED WINE & ROSES.   Available in print and eBook. 227 more words

Ellie Mack

Best Laid Plans . . .


I had plans.  I had good plans.  I had plans to host several authors over the summer.  Some I have shared,  others I didn’t get scheduled.   330 more words

Ellie Mack


So . . . this just happened.

Eclectic Bard Books

Now I have a REAL deadline,  not just a self imposed deadline.  As my  sprinting buddy would say –  I need to get crack-a-lacking! 159 more words

Ellie Mack

A Fresh Look at Writer's Block

In a previous post,  I discussed a theory I had about writer’s block:  the idea that the creative’s inner child is in essence being a rebellious child against your editor conscious.(I’m mobile – will find link for previous post at a later time.) 599 more words

Ellie Mack

David Alvin - Stealth Writer

My Bodacious Author Discussion And Spotlight Summer continues with author David Alvin.

Author styles vary as widely as the genres.  David writes devotionals, Bible studies, and fictional works as well.   783 more words

Life Of A Writer

BADASS Tour Begins with Guest Shiv Ramdas

Welcome to the kickoff post for my

Bodacious Author Discussion And Spotlight Summer!

Yeah it’s a long name,  go for the acronym.

Periodically, from now until the end of summer I will be hosting authors to discuss, share excerpts from their books, and/ or interviews.   1,997 more words

Ellie Mack