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Watch your language... and wallet

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The past weeks I have been busy with work and some personal writing. 354 more words


How to write a cover letter

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Odds and ends: Previous jobs not written on my current CV

Modesty aside, I usually wow people when I mention that I have worked for this brand-name organization or studied in that university at home and abroad. 884 more words


Anyone up for a webinar?

If there’s enough interest (say, five?), let’s hold a one-hour webinar to discuss your questions on job applications, interviews, and internships. We can use an AMA (ask me anything) format and keep things informal and fun. 55 more words


In case you missed it, ADB internships

I have to edit this because apparently the link to the filtered internship openings is not working. Also I found out a quirk of the filtering system, which could potentially ‘hide’ older openings that are still actively accepting applications. 227 more words


Resume and cover letter reviewer upload form now online

I’ve got a few requests lately to review resumes and cover letters. The usual process has been to ask if I can review your resume/cover letter, then me asking for your email address in the comments section, then me sending you an email asking you to send me your documents, and then you sending my back an email with them as an attachment or two (whew! 96 more words


Top websites for international development job search

The world of international development job search can be daunting. Clicking through multiple jobs board to keep track of new job openings from different organizations can be cumbersome and frustrating at times. 529 more words