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When Workers Are Empowered

Empowerment is a strong word; it means to give another the ability to make their own decisions, to work on their own as they see fit, and all without input or control. 464 more words

Career Management

Career Health Check

As we are still at the start of the year it’s a good time to take some time out to review career health alongside any lifestyle or well being audit you may have already done. 383 more words

Self Development

Make the Clock Your Best Friend

Does this sound familiar: you get up in the morning, going through a routine of a good breakfast, some exercise and meditation to get your mindset right. 354 more words

Career Management

7 Email Tips for More Effective Job Search Communications

Email has become an essential form of communication in today’s job search, but how you handle it can make a positive first impression or make your next employer question your judgment. 736 more words

Job Search

Chunking Down to Be More Productive

The first couple of weeks have now passed in the new year so my question becomes: “What have you gotten done so far?” How are you doing on those goals you set and work goals given? 399 more words

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Celebrating Freedom - Yours

Today is Martin Luther King Day; if you’re off, kudos to you. If you’re working (like I am), kudos to you. This day is about honoring racial diversity, freedom and standing for what you believe in. 412 more words

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Bring Your Own Change

I receive frequent requests for advice or suggestions on how to make a career change. Having been through a significant career transition myself (in fact, I am probably on my… 564 more words

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