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The Project Management Pivot

For nearly two years, I have been attempting to make a career pivot into the field of Project Management. While I have been managing projects in some aspect for nearly all of my working career, I wanted to focus on managing projects exclusively. 913 more words

Project Management

Language Matters – Purge Pesky Personal Pronouns


This is the second in a series of vignettes about supply chain that I will be sharing as part of my experience as an Executive Supply Chain Partner for Gartner. 872 more words

Supply Chain


Whereas most of the time I like to cover all things related to the Digital world, today I am taking a step back and looking at some of the elements stopping our current workforce from making the right decisions for their careers and I hope you will find this educational but most importantly, that it shows you that what you define as impossible might actually be a lot easier to achieve if you only look at it differently. 576 more words


8 Tips to Properly Prepare For a Job Fair

Today, I’ll be reviewing resumes at a job fair; this is the second month I’ve done this and, while it’s exciting to help job seekers present themselves more effectively to a potential employer, it also saddens me when I see how people don’t properly prepare to do so. 725 more words

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A career choice requires courage and confidence.

In the next 2 years 40% of people in the UK are planning a career change and are already working on their exit plan, and the 47% who do not find their work fulfilling owe it to themselves to consider an escape plan. 631 more words

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How to write a Great Essay

Essays Is there a general rule related to your essay or statement of purpose that can guarantee your admission?

I’d say no to the question I asked above but yes there are ways you can bolster the strength of your essays. 563 more words

Career Management

If Networking Works, Why Don't We Do It?

There’s no denying that the strength of one’s professional network has bearing on one’s career success. It’s estimated that 85% of all jobs are filled via networking.  562 more words

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