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10 Things You Can Control in Your Career

10 Things You Can Control in Your Career

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So often we are up against situations we simply cannot control.   608 more words

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Preparation for Your Performance Review

Prior to your next performance review, do a self-assessment of your performance to ensure that you are not undermining your own performance.  While you may think you are doing a great job, you may be doing little things that do not set well with your manager or your co-workers.  450 more words

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Why are Experts so often poor Communicators? This is why...

Why are Experts so often poor Communicators?

Here is why…  If you are reading this via email, check out the video on the blog: Why are Experts so often poor Communicators? 113 more words


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You may switch jobs out of necessity or choice, maybe, soon your position is not likely to exist as you know it, or it is going to be obliterated and done away with completely. 559 more words

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