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What Every Business Analyst Ought to Know About Time

Time is one of a business’s most valuable assets. With time, there is the opportunity to produce at an effective level to ensure quality output. Unfortunately, time is often spent poorly in areas that are ineffective or even disruptive to success.For a business analyst, time can be the difference between meeting and missing deadlines. 737 more words

How Being in the Right Place at the Right Time Led to Two New Jobs

Have networking and being a member of a professional organization helped you in your career?

Joining a professional organization can be rewarding and fulfilling when trying to enhance your skill set.  684 more words

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If I Hear "I don't want to do this" One More Time .....

Have you ever noticed how there are certain trends that come into your consciousness and that make you sit up and take notice? It could be certain numbers or people that all have the same resemblance and that can make you now be more cognizant. 410 more words

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Lean In For Graduates - Sheryl Sandberg

There are numerous takeaways from this read – however I finished reading this a couple of weeks back and forgot to take down what’s important. In any case – 423 more words

Champagne Technology on a Beer Budget: Tips for Saving Money

Solo and Small Firm Conference preview: Legal industry technology guru Barron Henley helps make law practice more efficient and productive — all while saving tons of money! 565 more words

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Moving #innovation from "permitted" to "possible"

As the dust settles on the Federal election results, the Turnbull government has already been taken to task for failing to get one of its key messages across to the public: how to take advantage of the economic, technological, scientific, social and cultural opportunities inherent in the… 675 more words

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Falling Out of a Habit (I Just Did)

So, if you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know that I started a 30-day blog challenge back in June, which I successfully completed. 277 more words

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