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Sheryl Sandberg is calling BS on your long-held career phobia

It’s miserable to be stuck in one job while daydreaming of another. But we’re often discouraged from making the leap, because the path won’t be clear, the pay might be lower, the move might look—or worse, feel—like a step down. 446 more words

The Mission: A New Calling?

Friends, some of you may have already heard this, but most have not.

As a recruiter, I get calls every week from people I know and friends-of-friends that go something like this, “…I’m 50-something years old, I’ve been looking for work for 15 months and I’m thinking of jumping off a bridge!” 294 more words


12 Common Mistakes Jobseekers Make In Their Job Search

If you’ve been looking for a new position and haven’t landed yet, it’s worth evaluating your approach to determine what might not be working. Go through this list and see what applies to you. 1,076 more words

Career Management

If Your Goals Scare You, You're on the Right Path

If you want anything in life, it starts with a goal, which is the end-result of what you desire. Goals spur us on, they motivate us and they turn our ideas and dreams into reality. 376 more words

Career Management

One of my passions is career and leadership development coaching.  I’ve been doing it informally for longer than I can remember, and started devoting more time to my coaching practice a couple of years ago.  1,125 more words


How Many Rays of Sunshine do you know?

You may have heard the phrase “we become an average of the five people we surround ourselves by” Personally I believe this is so true and can have a massive impact on how you live your life and whether you reach your full potential and live the life you want for yourselves. 408 more words

Career Management

Reflecting on Career and Professional Development

By: Angie Falls

I think about a famous lesson from Confucius around 450 B.C. that illustrates the importance of active engagement and real-time experiences in learning: 560 more words