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Недовольство рекрутерами со стороны кандидатов цветет в сети буйным цветом. Иногда даже обидно за профессию становится. Поэтому я решила написать коротко о том, что рекрутеры хотели бы, чтобы кандидаты знали.

Go Even If It Doesn't Relate To Your Major

Are you the student who ONLY attends events that targets your major?  For instance, if your major isn’t in the title of the event  you  don’t show up or if your major isn’t mentioned in the job description you don’t apply.  153 more words

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6 Lessons for your career from successful people

In the last few months, I have been in many conversations about career management. It is during these many different conversations that I reflected on every successful person I know and how they have managed their careers. 666 more words


Building a Skills Wall

This little project was an inspiration after listening to The Geek Whisperers Episode 75: CEO of Your Own Career. During a conversation about career advancement and career development, guest Josh Atwell mentioned that he had a bulletin board in his home office that served to help him track the skills he had achieved, and the skills he needed to obtain in order to advance his career to the next level. 966 more words

Career Management

Meet Our New Marketing Graduate Assistant: Dan Ambrosio

Please join me in welcoming our new Marketing Graduate Assistant, Dan Ambrosio!  He is currently working on a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with a concentration in Marketing.  492 more words

Career Management

College is MORE Than Books, Beer and Sleep

Sleeping until noon, weekends that begin on Fridays and the privilege of studying are among the perks of undergraduate life, yet a benefit that is often overlooked is the employers who descend on college campuses each academic year to recruit the best and brightest for their respective companies.  113 more words

Career Management