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Employee Engagement - The magic potion?

I am sure by now most people understand that there is strong correlation between employee satisfaction and business results. If you need more convincing have a read of these two articles: … 412 more words

Career Management

Calgary Trek

6.50 am!! As I ran past some onlookers, I noticed that the bus taking us to Calgary was nearly full. Brent, who epitomises professionalism was about to start the roll call when a few first-years came running behind me- I wasn’t last! 380 more words


What 'Work' Do You Do? Or How Work Undermines Meaning

How much of your time last week did you spend on the big rocks, on those critical activities that will setup your long term success? The honest answer is usually ‘not enough’. 205 more words

Kindness Matters!

Kindness. What is it? It means tenderness, courtesy, and caring. It’s a virtue and a value. In plain words though, it means playing nice with others, doing a good deed, and being gentle with yourself. 957 more words


Moving your career along the success scale

What does it mean to have a successful career? Well, let’s start with these definitions:

Successful (adj.) fruitful, positive, thriving, productive, flourishing, effective, real, authentic…

544 more words

5 Things you can start doing for your career right now

With all the career information available on the web it can be overwhelming to decide on what you should be doing to keep your career alive and on track.   1,311 more words

Are You Hiding Your Talents?

In a recent conversation with a senior management client it was interesting to observe that despite her impressive and significant accomplishments, she was very reluctant to talk about them, let alone write them down. 607 more words

Career Management