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Dear Younger Me – Part Two

This continues career advice to the younger me, sharing perspective to those earlier in their careers.

  • Trust Your Gut – With experience we all learn to pay more attention to our gut feelings but the earlier you can do that in your career, the better.
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Are you really listening? 3 ways to improve your listening skills

Do you ever get the sense that you’re talking with someone and that person isn’t really listening? You’re probably correct about that.

According to Daniel Pink, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, most people aren’t really listening to you completely; they’re waiting for their turn to talk. 743 more words

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Career Management Center Services Q&A with Liza Kirkpatrick

This interview was originally published by Clear Admit on August 11, 2016. You can read the full article here

Liza Kirkpatrick, director of full-time MBA programs for the… 488 more words

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Evolving Your Brand with Your Career

Much has been written about the critical nature of managing your personal brand.  For your career it is the tangible tools such as your resume and cover letters, it is also your social media presence and your professional reputation.  634 more words

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Court of Appeals Holds that Fee Rules Don’t Apply to In-House Counsel’s Wages

Division I of the Court of Appeals recently held that the rules governing lawyer fees do not apply to an in-house counsel’s wages. The case,  494 more words

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Karyawan yang memiliki produktivitas dan loyalitas yang tinggi terhadap perusahaan merupakan dambaan setiap perusahaan. Produktivitas dan loyalitas yang tinggi sangat dipengaruhi oleh kepuasan kerja karyawan. 455 more words

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Handling Distractions at Work

Whether it is the latest Pokemon Go craze, Facebook, web surfing or March Madness distractions are not a new phenomenon in the workplace.  There are a couple key considerations for employees to consider before succumbing to their distraction of choice. 239 more words

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