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Ever Doubt Your Decisions (Including Buyer's Remorse)?

So to continue on my story of the ‘broken car,’ I am now happy to report that I am the proud owner of a brand new one. 468 more words

Career Management

3 Ways to Share Your Gifts This Season

Have you been sharing your gifts this season?

The gifts I am referring to are not material items. No, these gifts are your natural talents or your awesome strengths. 715 more words


Company Loyalty--How Much is Too Much?

If you operate with the philosophy that looking after #1 is all that counts and you’ll stick with your current employer only until you think you see something better on the horizon, that’s a questionable rationale. 543 more words

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Careers sessions for researchers: self-employment

The Graduate School are offering a couple of brand new workshops on self-employment for researchers and the first is coming up next Tuesday 1st December. 256 more words

Postgraduate Research Students

Six Things to Stop Telling Yourself if You Really Want to Get Ahead at Work

Smart companies prefer to promote their internal people when they can, rather than hire from the outside for key positions.  It’s more cost effective and generally requires less transition time as the newly promoted person is (hopefully) quite familiar with the company culture and the organizational goals. 946 more words

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Spend Time with Those Who Are Where You Want to Be

If you want to stand out, get noticed and move up in your career, then start spending time, or be around, those who are where you want to be. 583 more words

Career Management

Surviving a Technical Interview

Over my career as a software something, I have had a bunch of technical interviews.  Some I have done well in and some I have not. 260 more words

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