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Become a Career Manager

Your decisions about where to take your career can either be thrust upon you by others, or proactively managed and planned for. How often do you consider your career, how far you have come, where you would like to go next and who you would like to work for? 264 more words

Creativity at work #3

by Peter Luscombe
How far will your journey of being creative in the workplace go? 
As far as you are invited and come to the party. 633 more words

Summer Drunk

My goodness, do we human beings ever love passionately leaping into the lavish arms of summer! We go hog wild plunging into the warm waters, lighting fragrant fires to cook our communal feasts, baking our bodies in the sun and reveling in the lingering daylight. 351 more words


Good to Great, is it?

It has been seven months since starting in the company which I had wanted to get in for some time.  Why would it be sophisticated to write about it? 382 more words

Career Management

7 awesome traits of the introvert

I wrote this post a year ago but feel it’s time again to plug the introverts for their greatness. 

When I ask my Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) workshop attendees if they think I’m an introvert or extravert, they usually guess wrong. 590 more words

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Guest Blog Post: How to Clean Out Your Email In-Box

Recently we posted an article on our Career Services Center LinkedIn group on how to empty out your email in-box.  Fred Sahakian, a Walden doctoral student in Public Policy and Administration, commented that he does this on a regular basis.  402 more words

Career Management

Life after a sudden loss of 'face' and role...........

Since the election I have been reflecting on what it must be like to very suddenly and publicly lose your job and role. How do you ‘pull yourself together’ and successfully manage your way through such a ‘sudden’ and ‘disruptive’ change? 577 more words