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4 tips to help you find your career fit

Navtej Kohli CDC Program Describes important tips for finding your dream .

What would you like to do? Since’s a startling inquiry – and generally it gets to be much scarier when you consider who’s asking: over-enthusiastic grandmother, arbitrary profession guide gentleman, life partner, or most exceedingly bad of all mother or father. 349 more words

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How To Become A Successful Software Developer: 13 Steps

Software Development is no longer considered as an art. But it was made as an engineering practice. A successful software developer is a person who is able to write each line of code with passion. 489 more words


NSA director defends plan to maintain 'backdoors' into technology companies

The National Security Agency executive, Mike Rogers, on Monday tried to smooth a theme of questions about the legislature’s arrangements to keep up implicit access to information held by US innovation organizations, saying such “indirect accesses” would not be destructive to protection, would not lethally bargain encryption and would not destroy worldwide markets for US innovation items. 766 more words

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13 Things Successful People Do Between Jobs

Suppose you were just offered a new job and the company is fairly flexible with your start date. How much time should you take, if any, between gigs? 95 more words


Whats The Best Programming Language To Learn In 2015

We have been following programming language statistics for several years. There are a number of data sources including code repositories, Q&A discussions, job advertisements, social media mentions, tutorial page visits, learning video views, developer surveys and more. 47 more words

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Still Searching for the 'Magic Pill' of Career Change?

10 moment abs! 4-hour workweek! I need to concede that the advertiser in me really cherishes the easiness of these crusades. They are straightforward, address the result and feeling of the intended interest group and make it sound simple. 582 more words

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The future of smart home technology: ultimate control for who?

Industry consultants square measure predicting that Martinmas of homes are going to be ‘smart’ by the top of 2014. this can be compared to Revolutionary Organization 17 November of households within the United States and a worldwide average of fifty. 940 more words

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