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Computerized Technology Helps Lower Risk of Heart Attacks

Navtej Kohli explains How Digital Technology Helps Lower Risk of Heart Attacks

The Internet helps patients with vessel ill very keep sound, says a meta-examination in salad dressing Clinic Proceedings. 343 more words

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The 13 most valuable skills that anyone could have

Many of life’s most important skills cannot be taught in a classroom. They’re acquired by living, observing others, and making mistakes.

The great thing about being surrounded by people who have experienced more than you is being able to pick their brains. 88 more words


Education is a basic human right – which is why private schools must be resisted

Toward the begin of the new thousand years, the global group made a guarantee to achieve general essential education for all young men and women. Today, after fifteen years, we find tremendous holes between these duties and reality. 981 more words

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Build a new railway system but don’t use old technology

Retreating on the historical backdrop of this nation, we created parliament, the PC and we even imagined the train. Better late than never Britain remained up and recaptured the lead in innovation, designing and science. 282 more words

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As private education rises globally, researchers disagree on whether it's worth it

Will revenue driven associations offer a step out of poor groups? While foundations and organizations bolster non-public schools, scholastics are vacillating Sending a youngster to Gnana Deepam Matric School in country Tamil Nadu, India, costs around 5,000 rupees ($80 or £54) every year. 250 more words

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4 tips to help you find your career fit

Navtej Kohli CDC Program Describes important tips for finding your dream .

What would you like to do? Since’s a startling inquiry – and generally it gets to be much scarier when you consider who’s asking: over-enthusiastic grandmother, arbitrary profession guide gentleman, life partner, or most exceedingly bad of all mother or father. 349 more words

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How To Become A Successful Software Developer: 13 Steps

Software Development is no longer considered as an art. But it was made as an engineering practice. A successful software developer is a person who is able to write each line of code with passion. 489 more words