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What you need to know about how LinkedIn

What you need to know about how LinkedIn is Revolutionizing The World of Recruiting – CareerEnlightenment.com http://ow.ly/41wm303zHBC. Make sure you don’t get left behind, update your profile today and commit to spending an hour a week on your professional network via LinkedIn

Career Planning

PhD Graduate Destinations

It’s been a while since I last posted and today I’m only sharing a brief note.  I recently analysed the employment destinations of University of Edinburgh PhD graduates over 3 years: 2011 – 2014.  105 more words


Want to Make An Immediate Impact in College? Get Involved!

You’ve made the trip, moved into your dorm, met your roommate. Mom and dad are gone and you’ve survived your first day of classes. What’s next for a new college student? 756 more words


From your masters degree to mastering your career

Click on the image to access our very easy guide to making the most of your masters in the next step in your career.


How to Use LinkedIn to Land Yourself a Job

Are you a recent graduate on the hunt for a job? Or perhaps you’re unhappy in your current position and are seeking a change. In today’s post, I will discuss how to use LinkedIn to help you land yourself a new career! 619 more words


Victoree's BACK TO SCHOOL Assembly

Hope you all had a wonderful summer vacation. Time to remember how the alarm clock works. Wash the swim trunks so they can be packed away for next summer. 261 more words


Follow Your Dreams: Just for the ears or should it be followed?

Hey guys, Sim here. And I’m back! Recently, there was a seminar for us tenth graders on career selecting. In the seminar, the lecturer kept emphasising on two things: (i) Having our future mapped out and (ii) following our dreams. 758 more words