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Thought #21: 2 Quick & Easy Ways to Fix that Resumé

Did you know that on average 100 or more applicants apply for any given position? Or that recruiters and hiring managers need to know in less than 30 seconds of reading your resumé that you’re the right candidate for a job? 743 more words

Career Planning

Holy shit! It's the terminator, we're all going to die/have limited career options in the future.

It’s been at the forefront of scaremongers’ A boards for years, you’ll know the kind – dirty faced, distant look in one eye, laser focus in the other, shuffling around urban retail developments using their own urine as both a means to stay clean and repel pigeons. 604 more words

April Newsletter for PGRs

The Romans called April Aprilis.  No one is sure the exact meaning of the word. Some scholars think that it may be related to an old Italic word meaning “the following, the next”, in a sequence of events. 545 more words



Willy 經常在不同場合分享他的 digital marketing 心得,但你知道他成為 digital marketer 背後的故事嗎? Willy 接受了香港理工大學「理大企業家」的採訪,以下是他的故事…
賴志偉在 2008 年創業的時候,連他自己也沒想過他的公司竟能影響整個香港數碼廣告生態圈。事實上,他比別人看得遠、看得準。在數碼年代,廣告行銷工作已不可能局限於傳統渠道,Fimmick 另闢蹊徑,果然闖出了一條康莊大道。誠如他所說,成功是經驗的累積。在創辦Fimmick 前,他的經驗 是這樣累積過來的……

2000年科網泡沫爆破,IT 自然成為大學的較冷門和最容易收生的科目。那年,打算從事電腦行業的賴志偉選讀IT高級文憑課程,到了 2002 年畢業後,卻找不到相關程式編寫工作。在同學引薦下,他在一家經營中港電話服務的公司從事市場推廣工作了半年,由於對銷售工作較有興趣,於是轉投一家甚具規模的日資公司,負責卡務部的推銷工作。

可是,他才入職沒幾天便發生了「沙士」事件,客人拒絕他登門造訪,整整三個月裡,他只能按着上司給的電話清單,逐個電話打去推銷。既是「cold call」,自然得到冷待,賴志偉笑言這幾個月成為了他意志磨練期。


回港後,他和一位供應商朋友偶然聊起可變數據技術。沒想到這位朋友對可變數據技術既有認識,也有興趣,更提議將來一起合作創業。當時,賴志偉並不看好卡類產品市場 的前景,故早已有離開的打算。離職後,由於他的供應商朋友還未作好準備,所以他先加入一家銷售電郵系統的公司工作,直到 2008 年時機成熟的時候,他和那位朋友創辦了以可變數據為技術核心的印刷公司 ── Focus Imaging 。 30 more words

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Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance is the balance between ones working and personal life.

Time management is the link that creates harmony between work and leisure through creating more free time. 786 more words

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Midlife Crisis Career Change

Remember the expression ‘don’t worry, be happy?’ We might as well be, as we can’t control every outcome in life. For example, you might be right smack in the middle of a midlife crisis career change. 440 more words

Personality Test

Should I pursue professional credentialing?


I need to start this article with a disclaimer.  I am HIGHLY BIASED in favor of professional credentialing.  If this is offensive to you, stop reading this now.   248 more words