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New Book: Roadmap!

The new book Roadmap: The Law Student’s Guide to Preparing and Executing a Successful Plan for Employment offers a template for law students to use throughout all three years of law school in order to be fully prepared to find employment upon graduation. 52 more words

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4 Habits To Focus On Daily

It takes the average person nearly 66 days to form a new habit. Now that number can fluctuate depending on the behavior, person, and the circumstance. 679 more words

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Alumni advice: Sell, sell, sell...

Sales. It feels like such a dirty word. It suggests a dishonest world of harassing people for double glazing, midnight calls about PPI and insurance policies that no one really wants to buy. 415 more words

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Stock Market Crash: Can You Still Find a Job?

If you have been paying attention to the news, chances are that you’re nervous.  You can barely turn on a television without hearing predictions of a worldwide financial collapse.  371 more words

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Do You Need to Get Out of Your Own Way?

In the sixteen years I’ve been a professional coach, I have had the privilege of coaching leaders at every level in organizations.  It’s interesting to note that whether the leader is a new manager or an executive, whether they are just out of grad school or nearing retirement, I am often their first professional coach. 391 more words


Help your boss and Get Ahead in the Process

If you can figure out how to make your boss’ work easy, you’ll actually climb up on a few rungs on the ladder to success. Plus—you’ll always have a great reference in your back pocket. 426 more words


How to Access the Hidden Job Market

Few jobs are ever advertised; most experts estimate around 30%.  So if you are exclusively using traditional job search methods, you are cutting yourself off from 70% of the available jobs.  396 more words

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