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Working out your career direction - help is on hand!

It can be daunting trying to sort out a career direction that’s going to suit you – there’s just so many ways your degree can take you – using your subject knowledge, or all those skills you’re developing that are beneficial in so many different areas of the job market. 112 more words


#sheffvista 23 – Business Affairs Manager, Dr Phil Rich

Each Friday we post a new v i s t a profile, a career beyond the academy story (use the tags at the bottom of the post to find the entire list). 892 more words

Career Planning

Scholastic Aptitude Test

Most students take the scholastic aptitude test at least once in their lifetime, but is most often taken in High School. Many, do not wish to repeat that same test taking experience, ever again. 648 more words

Career Test

Canna be a Nurse?

School has been something of the past for me in recent years. After I had my daughter, my inner warrior convinced me that even with a premie I could continue with classes. 415 more words


甚麼是數碼營銷(Digital Marketing)?(2)

續:甚麼是數碼營銷(Digital Marketing)? (1)

上回簡單介紹了Digital Marketing跟傳統Marketing的分別,還有現時的就業前景。這次會更加深入地論及Digital Marketing的工作範疇。


Digital Marketing的工作範疇

如果要細分DM,其實可以分出很多不同的工作範疇,不同公司會延伸出不同的DM職位去負責不同的工作。普遍而言DM在一般公司架構都是比較小的分支,加上是比較新式的工作性質,不要對部門支援有太大期望。很多公司都會將DM合併為傳統Marketing的部門的一小分支。而在小公司負責DM工作,很大機會需要連傳統Marketing的工作也要兼顧到 (沒辦法啦,香港的DM發展比國外的慢,不要期望像外國一樣會有一個獨立部門。)甚至有很多公司為了節省人工成本會將DM外判給Agency負責,即使是in-house DM工作,也可能只是2-3個人負責所有工作,所以部門真的會比較小型。不過近年開始看到一些比較大型的公司,例如銀行、MNC都有分開聘請傳統Marketing和DM的人。

  • 搜尋引擎最佳化 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    簡單而言,基本的SEO是不用花錢的,透過改善網站內容而提升網頁的Quality Score,從而令自然搜尋(Organic Search)的排名可以更好。當然如果要做比較高級的SEO,或許會需要投放資源在一些分析性的software,從而更加有效地改善網頁內容。
  • 搜尋引擎市場營銷 Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
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Career Planning

Trapped Yourself in a Gilded Cage? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine,

I run the office of compliance for the parent company of a large financial institution. We are attorneys, paralegals, and accounting professionals.

About a year ago, my boss was fired and I was made interim head of compliance. 550 more words


Criminal History? How to Search for Work

This presentation provides some basic tips and resources provided by NCWorks Career Center – Guilford County, on how to search for work if you are a resident of Guilford County, and have a criminal history. 55 more words

Career Planning