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Winter Break Boredom?

By Jackson Pollock, Peer Advisor

Although we aren’t quite done with the semester yet, winter break is not too far away. No, this blog is not about how to study for finals, if you want tips on how to study for finals you can direct yourself to my past blog titled “Study Tips” where I go into depth on ways to study right. 851 more words

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Soft Skills

By Kim Wilks, Peer Advisor

Personal Qualities are EXTREMELY important!

There are some key skills that employers are looking for in candidates that they believe cannot be taught. 333 more words

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Professional Dining Etiquette Basics

By Jake Ducharme, Peer Advisor

Where things are:

Above is the general set up of a formal dinner. The number of glasses and utensils varies but the rest is relatively constant. 428 more words

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Top Personal Statement Mistakes

By Kiera Adams, Peer Advisor

A personal statement is an extended essay about yourself used when applying to different types of programs. It’s the perfect way to highlight your experiences and thoughts to stand out among the pack. 363 more words

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Interview Mastery

By Sterlie Achille, Peer Advisor

Are you prepared for your next big interview? If not, don’t worry! Big Interview is a resource that will give you plenty of training to help improve your interview skills. 234 more words

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How important is company culture in your job search?

By Kimberly Wilks, Peer Advisor

Company culture is extremely important these days. Many companies have thrown out the traditional suit and tie work-space for a more casual environment. 689 more words

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Four Important Questions to Ask While Writing a Resume

By Mandy Boully

Several weeks ago, my roommates and I visited the very popular and very delicious Kiwi Loco Frozen Yogurt Shop here in Rexburg. I was shocked to find that my favorite flavor (Pistachio) was no longer available and that I would have to choose another of the large variety of flavors. 482 more words