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Lying on Your Resume: Don’t Do It

By Andrea Trespalacios, Peer Advisor

Oftentimes, we are all tempted to embellish our resumes a little too much, omit some slightly important information, or if we’re struggling, add some strong non-truths. 357 more words

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What Makes a Great Elevator Pitch

By Kara Davis, Peer Advisor

Let’s say you’re at a career fair, a luncheon, or even in an elevator.  There will be lots of people that you are eager to meet, but what’s the best way to introduce yourself and make sure they remember you? 356 more words

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Trouble Landing A Job?

You’ve been looking for a job for a while and nothing is working. You’ve created a great resume, you interview excellently, but for some reason nobody is calling you back. 577 more words


“Tell Me About Yourself;” A Trap?

By Qismat Niazi, Peer Advisor

Ah, the dreaded “tell me about yourself.” Many students, myself included, have been stumped by the broadness of this very inquiry. 407 more words

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How to Interview

By Cayla Lomax, Peer Advisor

With Expo ending and summer slowly approaching  many of us have been gearing up for interviews for upcoming jobs or summer internships (or may have already landed the job!).   435 more words

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Gap Year: What's the Deal?

By Ali Banas, Peer Advisor

So…You’re considering a gap year. This isn’t an easy decision for some, but for others it makes perfect sense. Whether you just need a break and want to gain experience in your field, you’re feeling indecisive about your path, or you know that you need time to gain insight on your career, a gap year might be right for you. 519 more words

Gaining Experience

Oregon distributes $10.2 million for school career readiness programs

A total of 205 Oregon middle schools and high schools have secured career readiness grants totaling $10.3 million, Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian and Acting Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Colt Gill announced Monday. 9 more words

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