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Career Summary

More than seventeen years of experience in senior management and executive roles with extensive expertise in accounting and operations. I have maintained a proven track record for meeting deadlines, exceeding expectations and impeccable financial management. 969 more words

7 traits and challenges of introverts

After a sleepless night, followed by a very long day of work, I’m not too keen on going to a business networking event tonight. Normally I’d go, but I see the following scenario unfolding: the night will start off fine, until I become tired and want to leave, most likely at 7:00 pm. 999 more words

Career Search

Why Use Business Contact Manager


In the last episode I showed you via video how to use Business Contact Manager for MS Outlook. This week I explain why you would want to use it for staying reaching out to old contact, staying in touch with current contacts and communicating with recruiters. 23 more words

Job Hunting

Cover Letters

Now it day 6 and I know that I’m not going to be bathing in job offers that promise me frankensence and mirth as payment… 201 more words

How Can Another Career Search Will Change Your Life for the Better?

Change is one thing that many of us hate and even fear. We are often not open to change because it could leave us in a situation that is worse than what we have now. 459 more words

Career Search

The most important 120 characters on your LinkedIn profile

We’ve hit a dead end. My customer is over the limit by two characters. “What if we use an ampersand instead of ‘and’?” I suggest. No, she doesn’t like this idea. 647 more words

Career Search

Day Three

Best way to become a better writer is to continue writing as much as possible, so I figure that chronicling my trials and tribulations of getting back on my feet is as good as any. 489 more words