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Day 36

Let’s talk about the serious struggle of picking out the perfect interview outfit. And I’m not talking about dress code. I know the dress code: 185 more words

The most important trait necessary for a successful job search

And 6 reasons why it’s the most important.

I recently received an email from a former job seeker who said she landed a job after three years. 1,240 more words

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The Perfect Job

Scrolling through Twitter I saw a glimmer of hope of finding my perfect job.

It was a few days ago I saw a vacancy at a museum I’d kill to work for, an advertisement for an admin role associated with co-ordinating volunteers. 235 more words

What fun is that? 5 reason why you should contribute on LinkedIn

Recently I spoke to a person who uses LinkedIn on a fairly regular basis, at least four times a week he said.

When I asked him how often he updates, contributes to discussions in groups, or shares his thoughts in general; he told me never. 668 more words

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5 ways LinkedIn Lite's anchored sections are hurting its members

The inability to move LinkedIn profile sections around may cause consternation for some members. Although the new LinkedIn profile is condensed, slim, and uncluttered; members are prohibited from strategically rearranging sections to highlight what’s most important. 1,022 more words

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Day 18

Listening to Bob Ross laugh at himself while describing his ‘crazy’ ideas is like seeing your dog smile up at you. Just a little reminder that the simple things are worth being happy about. 320 more words