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5 Things You Should Remove From Your Resume

When is the last time you updated your resume? Did you turn it in for an awesome job and you never even got a call back? 317 more words


4 reasons why you need a strong LinkedIn Summary

I still remain perplexed that some LinkedIn members put little effort into their Summary section, or don’t have one at all.

Would you go to an interview or business meeting without shoes? 686 more words

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4 Things Not to Say to Your Dog or an Interviewer

One of my top cringe-worthy sayings is “I’m a people person.” When I would interview someone and they would tell me this I would respond with, “That’s nice, I’m a dog person.” 1,537 more words

Be smart; say, "thank you" when you're invited to someone's LinkedIn network

It’s well worth repeating the importance of showing your gratitude for being inviting to someone’s network, especially if you’ve received a thoughtful, personalized note–not the default message LinkedIn provides. 404 more words

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Since graduation, I haven’t done much outside of the house because I’ve been sick and healing some feet injuries I got from walking half a mile in high heels to get to my graduation ceremony. 465 more words