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Leaving academia: what to look for in a new career

The pressure to publish, the current funding crisis, and meager salaries can wear on academic researchers very quickly, driving us to seek alternative careers.

While these are valid reasons to leave academia, these struggles can leave us misguided in our career searches. 828 more words


So I Did Something Unconventional Today...

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post to bring you this special report.

As of tonight I have produced a week’s worth of posts and you’re still here. 920 more words

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Leaving “I” out of your interview answers is NOT noble. Use a 4-step process to answer interview questions

When I ask my workshop attendees to answer an interview question, some of them refuse to talk about their role in a past assignment. An  703 more words

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Discovering my Dream Job

When my mother first introduced me to Essentrics and told me it would be great for my Volleyball, I politely responded “great idea, I’ll give it a go!” while thinking, … 1,234 more words

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7 reasons why you need personal business cards, and 7 facts to include on them

A funny story I tell my workshop attendees is about how I ordered 250 personal business cards on www.vistaprint.com, only to find when I opened them that I’d spelled my occupation wrong: “ 789 more words

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3 areas of your career when effective communications is essential

One story I tell in my workshops is about how a former customer of mine improved communications between two warring departments. He told me that these groups were literally at war with each other and just couldn’t play well together. 822 more words

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