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5 ways the new LinkedIn profile has changed for the good and bad

LinkedIn is at it again.

I guess when it comes down to it, I can be adverse to change. (I wrote a post claiming that LinkedIn made changes to its people filter feature just for the sake of making changes. 712 more words

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8 areas on your LinkedIn profile where you can make your voice heard

One of the things I like about the LinkedIn profile is the ability to express your written voice. This is particularly important for job seekers, as it gives hiring authorities an idea of their personality. 1,218 more words

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A Few More Pointers On Responsible Social Media

When you work for a company there is a set of rules you have to follow that will protect that company from anything that may tarnish their brand reputation. 288 more words

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3 more reasons why job seekers should blog

Part two of a two-part series.

I wrote, in an earlier blog, three reason why job seekers should blog. They are: it demonstrates their ability to write, it helps brand them, and it’s a great way to network. 551 more words

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Spring break: Success or Flop?

Well I four main tasks I wanted to complete during spring break:

  • Tackling the corner of clutter in my living room
  • Cleaning out my closet and eliminating the clothes I never wear…
  • 288 more words

4 tools employers use to make the hiring search easier for them

But harder for you.

You’re probably aware of the order in which employers attempt to fill a position. First, they consider their own employees; second, ask for referrals from their employees; third, seek referrals from trusted people outside the company; fourth, hire recruiters; and lastly, advertising the position. 842 more words

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7 posts that can help you interview better

Interviewing for a job is not easy, especially if you take them too lightly. But if you put all the pieces in place, you’ll be successful. 264 more words

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