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6 Areas on your LinkedIn profile you should optimize in 2018

If you’re wondering how an optimized LinkedIn profile will help you in your job search, the answer is simple: Your profile needs to be found by hiring authorities (recruiters, hiring managers, and human resources reps). 837 more words

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6 reasons keeping you from asking for help during your job search

And what to do about it.

You know the “Golden Rule” of networking: offer help before asking for help. This is good in theory. When you give first, others will return the favor. 767 more words

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Who's on your team during the job search?

Recently in a Résumé Writing workshop, I asked an attendee to tell the story behind a verbose accomplishment statement she had on her résumé. (Yes, I ask interview questions in Résumé Writing.) Immediately she used the personal pronoun “we.” I called her on this, and she said she’s still in the mindset of team.  697 more words

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One major turnoff for interviewers: lack of transparency from candidates

Three questions that snag job candidates.

A conversation with my daughter in the past aroused in me emotions of both concern and relief. Two conflicting emotions you’re thinking. 957 more words

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How Do I Ensure I Get a Great Resume?

If you have a hired a resume writer, the initial answer is simple.

Participate in the process.

Let your resume writer get to know you. Don’t hold anything back. 216 more words

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4 reasons why the applicant tracking system is ineffective

My wife has an ongoing argument with Amazon’s Alexa. “Alexa, play WBUR.”

“I don’t understand your question.”

“No, Alexa….Play WBUR….Alexa, play WBUR.”

“Playing a station from Boise Idaho.” 855 more words

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Do I Really Need a Resume Writer? Really, Really?

My previous blog on this tells you that I believe you absolutely need a resume writer. Apart from the advent of ATS, the electronic applicant tracking systems that most employers currently use, there are a host of reasons to outsource your resume. 271 more words

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